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The Hidden Key to Sustainable Last Mile Operations

The Hidden Key to Sustainable Fleet Operations

Why focus on heavy equipment when easier ways toward sustainability exist? Join our webinar to find out more.

Date and Time
01 June, from 1:00PM CDT

Too often, fleet managers think of sustainability in terms of heavy investment in heavy equipment. While electric vehicles and increased MPG will certainly transform operations and emissions, there’s a simpler and easier-to-implement way to increase sustainability and reduce costs.

Join leaders from HERE Technologies to learn:

  • How stop-clustering and route efficiency can reduce both time spent in traffic and time spent idling
  • How implementing location technology can have wide-ranging implications, from reducing engine wear to increasing customer satisfaction
  • How long-haul carriers and local couriers alike can reduce emissions and save fuel without upgrading vehicles in their fleet
Alex Osaki

Alex Osaki

Product Marketing Manager, HERE

Alex Crissey

Alex Crissey

Managing Editor, Fleet Equipment