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Video tutorials to get you started with HERE Map Creator

Video tutorials to get you started with HERE Map Creator

Beneath the mapped curves of the roads and places are thousands of attributes that make it possible for HERE to navigate your life. Those attributes are crafted in the map by thousands of people around the world. HERE Map Creator is a tool for communities all over to update the map with missing or incorrect information; contributing to making the HERE map as fresh and accurate as possible.

These video tutorials will get you started in mapping your world. Starting with surface roads and quickly advancing through bridges and tunnels to house numbers and place details.

Check out this playlist on YouTube for the full set of tutorials.

You can also review your edit history and see the progress of your edits while they are being processed for inclusion in the map data in the ‘Your Stuff’ section of Map Creator.

If you are an aspiring mapping expert, you can easily register for an account and if necessary, request access to edit your area in HERE Map Creator by leaving a comment below.

Jere Suikkila

Jere Suikkila

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