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Using HERE for Android to get around with transit and on foot

Using HERE for Android to get around with transit and on foot

We’ve already looked at turn-by-turn navigation using HERE for Android, but HERE also offers comprehensive navigation for pedestrians and people using public transport.

So read on to find out how to get walk navigation and transit directions for when you’re on foot using your smartphone.

To get started with transit directions on HERE for Android, you’ll need to pick a destination. Open the HERE app and type in an address, name or postcode, or tap and hold a location on the map.

Once the destination is specified, click the directions button at the bottom right of the screen, where you’ll be offered three different navigation options.

There’s a trio of tabs at the top of the app, with icons for cars, buses and pedestrians. Tap the middle one to get transit directions, with the app offering advice on what type of public transport you’ll need to catch (with buses and trains as just a couple of the options), the journey and arrival time, and even the route you’ll need to follow to get to your destination.

With a host of different journeys available — you could walk further, for instance, use buses for the entire journey, or mix and match depending on what’s easiest; HERE provides several different options, and highlights the journey times for all of them. Simply click on one to get a more comprehensive overview of the journey itself.


Scroll through different routes.


You can drag up the details from the bottom of the screen if you’d rather see the directions listed instead of the map itself, and it’s easy to tap on any section of the journey — a street name, bus stop or something else — at any point to zoom into the map. And each time you do, there’s a reassuring black line highlighting the route you’ll need to take.


A detailed view of your route.


Once you’ve chosen the route you like, it’s easy to click the back button to see the full details again. Along with the name or number of the bus, you’ll need to catch, HERE also tells you the number of stops, along with where you’ll need to get off. It really does make public transport easy, even if you’re trying to get around in a new and unfamiliar city.

If you just want to know more about a specific station or stop, tap on it and you will get an overview of all the lines stopping there and, if available, a list of the next departures.


Tap a stop to view the arrival times.


HERE for Android is just as useful when it comes to getting around on foot – once again pick a destination, and this time tap the pedestrian tab on the top right. The app offers information on how long it’ll take you, and you can either swipe upwards to see all the directions or tap the ‘Start’ button to get easy-to-follow turn-by-turn directions.

Using sensors inside your phone, the app even knows which direction you’re facing, with the green arrow turning as you do. All this means is that you’ll have no trouble getting to your destination, whichever way you plan to get there.


Philip Barker

Philip Barker

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