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No more late deliveries with traffic information

No more late deliveries with traffic information

A lack of relevant traffic information can result in late deliveries, which can be deeply irritating, or slow response times during emergencies, which can be hazardous. Customers need to be confident that neither of these scenarios will occur. Fleet managers, dispatchers and first responders require the latest road conditions to satisfy demand and mitigate risk.

Understanding this new paradigm, Telogis, a mobile enterprise management (MEM) software provider has included HERE Real Time Traffic and Traffic Patterns with historical data and real-time estimated time of arrival (ETA) updates in the latest releases of its Telogis Navigation and Telogis Route software for more accurate and efficient route planning.

Telogis connects everything in its customers’ mobile ecosystems including vehicles, assets, mobile workers and the work they’re doing in the field.  The cloud-based platform includes commercial navigation tools and a full suite of route and scheduling optimization solutions, along with mobile apps for everything from gamification to compliance that integrate into back-office applications.




With the addition of HERE Traffic, the accuracy of ETA estimations can be precision-tuned on the fly or days ahead. Real-time traffic gives a comprehensive picture of current road conditions that will affect truck-specific directions in Telogis Navigation and accurate calculations in Telogis Route.  For route planning in advance, HERE technology takes into account how traffic flows historically on the selected roadway at a given point in the day.

“Enterprises are required to be a lot more responsive to their end customers now,” says Kelly Frey, VP of product marketing, Telogis. “The ‘Amazon effect’ has sped up service and supply chains and raised customer expectations. Employees need to be empowered with the right tools to be more productive and efficient. The inclusion of HERE Traffic allows users to be more responsive.”

Making a difference

Telogis solutions with HERE Traffic are used by more than 150,000 professional drivers in North America, and the company has recently launched a global edition that is optimized for iOS. Kelly says, “These services are important competitive differentiators. In the past, optimizing routes and scheduling often meant a tradeoff between cost and customer service. With historical traffic patterns and real-time road conditions, enterprises can achieve an even more efficient delivery window.”

For instance, if you know about the historical traffic patterns you can forecast when the conditions will lighten up. On the other hand, real-time traffic data enables proactivity in that, if traffic is worsening, a text or email can be sent to customers so they can adjust their own schedules accordingly. “Even though you are late,” says Kelly, “by letting the customer know, you still achieve satisfaction.”

Telogis’ typical customers are larger utility, telecommunications, construction and logistics enterprises, but the addition of new features like those enabled by the HERE traffic data is helping the company better serve all its customers including others in oil and gas; law enforcement and first responders.

“We’re taking these great tools and applying them to new use cases,” according to Kelly. “Telogis is also leading in the connected vehicle market and our partnership with HERE is allowing us to leverage technology to continue and accelerate adoption as well as expand our role in the IoT."


Lori Castle

Lori Castle

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