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London bans Uber and leaves passengers looking for another way

London bans Uber and leaves passengers looking for another way

London’s transport regulator Transport for London (TfL) said it will not renew ride hailing app Uber’s private vehicle hire license come September 30, meaning Londoners are now on the hunt for the new best way to get from A to B.

The city of London has followed in Bulgaria, Denmark and Hungary’s footsteps, banning Uber from operating within its city limits. The move by TfL affects 3.5 million passengers.

In short time, a petition against the decision garnered 700,000 signatures, and Uber says it intends to immediately challenge the decision in courts. Until something comes of that, Londoners can turn to HERE WeGo to find out the best way to get to destination.



Just open HERE WeGo, enter a destination and tap the route icon: you’ll be presented with a list of different travel options. The optimal route shows at the top, and it’s generally driving, but once traffic is factored in, HERE WeGo may recommend cycling or public transport as better alternatives.

You can get routes for Drive, Transit, Walk, Bicycle, Taxi, and Carsharing powered by Zipcar. If you don’t own a car or you simply don’t want to see routes that include public transit, you’ll be able to remove them from the list so HERE WeGo only offers up the routes relevant to you. You can exclude any mode of transport or adjust more options using the cog at the top-right to get to the settings screen. You can also see the price difference among different transportation options, so you can better decide how you prefer to get there.



If you decide to take a taxi, you can call the dispatch center directly from HERE WeGo. And if you're going to get a ZipCar, HERE WeGo will help you walk to the nearest car and will open the Zipcar app for you.

With offline maps, voice-guided navigation, up-to-date transit data, and an easy way to display the transport options you have around you, HERE WeGo is the perfect companion in London and all around the world.

Cass Megraw

Cass Megraw

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