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June 2023 Platform Release Notes

HERE platform Release notes June 2023

We are pleased to announce the availability of our minor release of the HERE SDK for iOS, Android and Flutter.

The HERE SDK product family enables you to build powerful map applications based on the latest data from the HERE platform incorporating microservices and highly modularized components.

HERE SDK is a minor release for the 4.14 code line with a lot of bugfixes and improvements based on customer feedback. We also added some new features for this release, for example:

  • Added a new MapRenderMode which allows choosing a SurfaceView or a TextureView for map rendering.
  • Added free-to-use fonts for signposts into the release packages (see
  • Added new lite map schemes (simplified versions of the normal map schemes).
  • Improved map styles to render overlapping roads based on their z-level attribute.

Take a look at the latest release notes for your edition and platform to find out more details.

HERE Tour planning 

  1. More objective functions: We are pleased to introduce a new set of objective functions that provide customers with greater flexibility in optimizing their tours to suit their specific requirements. With these new functions, customers can now prioritize minimizing the overall duration (minimizeDuration) or distance (minimizeDistance) of their tours. Furthermore, these objectives can be hierarchically defined, allowing customers to emphasize what matters most to them.
  2. Distance from start of tour to each stop: The tour planning solution now provides the distance from the beginning of the tour to each individual stop. This valuable feature eliminates the need for customers to make additional requests to the route planning, as they can readily access the distance to be traveled for each stop directly within the solution.


HERE Map Image API v1 - deprecation of rarely used features

As a preparation for major upgrade later this year we revised usage of the HERE Map Image API v1 and have decided to deprecate rarely used features and features that initiate API calls to outdated versions of HERE Routing API v7 and HERE Geocoder API v6. After releasing of the new version of the HERE Map Image API, we will provide a service migration guide with necessary details. 

Starting December 6, 2023 (six months from now), HERE will discontinue the following features in the HERE Map Image API v1:

The following resources are deprecated:

  • Routing resource
  • Turnpoint resource
  • Statistics resource
  • Heatmaps resource
  • Tiltmaps resource
  • Roadsign resource
  • Companylogo resource

The following features and parameters of Mapview resource, Region resource and Route resource are deprecated:

  • Specifying map location based on the address (geocoding).
  • Displaying the address of the map location in the billboard above the map (reverse-geocoding).
  • Specifying geo coordinates in encoded coordinates format.
  • Picture in picture display.
  • Map rotation and display of compass.
  • GIF, BMP and SVG image formats

If you now plan to use the Map Image API for your applications, please refrain from implementing the above features.

If you find one or some of the features planned for deprecation as business critical, please reach out to your Account Executive to discus your need. 

Christo Mitov

Christo Mitov

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