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Here's to the comments section - thank you for 2014

Here's to the comments section - thank you for 2014

Many of you have been following HERE for a long time. On top of the editorial staff, several regular commenters on the blog make HERE 360 unique. 

We talked to the two most valuable commenters of 2014, Adrian and Karthikeyan, to get to know them better.

Both Adrian and Karthikeyan love technology in all forms and have been fans of Nokia for a long time. They use HERE for traveling and navigation on phones, tablets and desktops.


Adrian probably owns more Lumia phones than most of us could name and he writes about his experiences with the phones on His knowledge of phones and passion for helping people come through in every one of his comments.

Where are you from?

“Perth, Australia, which is on the west side of Australia, not the east side that many people associate with Sydney and Melbourne. Perth is a bustling city with plenty to do and a nice-paced lifestyle. We get just as sunny as the other capital cities in Australia and have just as many pretty beaches, so do come to visit!”

What brought you to HERE360?

“My interest was re-kindled when I heard that an Android version of the app was in development. I have had many man-hours on the Nokia Discussions board, and loved helping users out and interacting with them to hear their opinions and experiences. With the passion I have for HERE, it was a logical fit and I stayed to help people on HERE360.”

What do you want to see more of on HERE360 in 2015?

“HERE 360 has done a phenomenal job at balancing between articles that delve into the technical side and developments in the mapping space, articles about the history of mapping, and articles about the HERE app itself. There is a great community that is fostered through the comments section.”

“I would love to see more community engagement if possible, through initiatives such as competitions, meet-ups, Q&A sessions with HERE technical specialists etc. Perhaps this is something that may come down the line, but for now you have done an exceptional job!”

Any seasonal greetings to fellow readers and commenters?

“Firstly, thank you to HERE and the readers for taking the time to read this article, and being such enjoyable company on HERE360. For those of you out there, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Bring on 2015!”


Karthikeyan is a computer science engineer from Chennai, which he describes as “a brilliant city in the southern part of India”. HERE offers real-time traffic in Chennai, “So you know it’s something to reckon with ;)”.

On what phones are you using HERE?

“I have HERE on my Lumia 520, 720 & 830. And in my Galaxy S3. Because viewing maps on a large display makes things clearer, I also have it installed on my PC for the times when I plan trips.”

What is your favorite car make and model? Why?

“S from Tesla. I'm a huge fan of Musk and his ideas/dreams personally. S stands for cutting edge technology, environmental care, and that sheer acceleration when you put your foot down. It had a huge display in the centre which HERE maps could utilize rather well.”

Do you have a car?

“I am a Biker by heart. I do own a car, Maruthi Suzuki Alto. I use HERE navigation on my phone and have a Nokia DC 20 Car Charger handy since satellite navigation takes a toll on battery life.”

What is the longest trip you took with HERE?

“Some 450 kilometers (Sorry, Imperial. I roll with Metric) it was when I got my car and started my first trip to my grandmother's home in another town across the state solely relying upon HERE. HERE didn't let me down! Good guy, HERE.”

What is your favorite post this year?

“This one: Autonomous cars must adapt to humans, not vice versa

And these, if you allow me to share two other posts: History of the Berlin Wall through maps and Photostory: HERE graces the world’s best new cars at Mondial”

Any seasonal greetings to fellow readers and commenters?

“Merry Christmas and have a wonderful new year. 2015 is going to be a big one :-)"

If you think we missed something, use the comments section below. In addition to Adrian and Karthikeyan, there are many more regular commenters that we would love to thank for their insight. We are looking forward to continuing our conversations with all of you in the future.

Jere Suikkila

Jere Suikkila

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