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HERE stands strong as one of the top 50 best places to work in India

HERE stands strong as one of the top 50 best places to work in India

Big congratulations are due to the HERE team in India! For the third consecutive year, HERE makes the top 50 Best Companies to Work for in India, recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute.

This year is particularly momentous. Not only has HERE India worked its way up in the ranks from 45th last year, to 33rd this year, but HERE Mumbai is celebrating a decade of success after their 10-year anniversary on 1 July.

As Chief Human Resources Officer, I am incredibly proud of our HERE India team once again, for receiving this well-deserved recognition. Our value-driven culture is fundamental to who we are as a company. We make it a priority to ensure that we are delivering on our mission of developing the next generation of leaders by providing our employees an environment to grow and empowering them to best serve our clients and communities. While we don’t do what we do for awards, it’s exciting to have our commitment to our people endorsed by a global research organization.

We maintain that the key benefits of creating a great workplace environment are culture & engagement, and performance.

Culture & Engagement

At HERE we strive to create an environment where our employees are passionate about their jobs, respect their colleagues, are committed to the company and possess the drive to go above and beyond to deliver success for themselves as individuals, their teams and HERE as a whole.

Embracing inclusion, our India teams collaborated to recruit GIS Analysts by extending the search to qualified applicants who are differently-abled. To reach this underrepresented group, they worked with a non-government organization, National Association for The Blind - Employment & Training (NABET) which provides a platform to differently-abled people by training them and providing them with job opportunities.


It is my belief a culture that deeply engages people will be more productive and elevate company performance. A strong culture inspires across-the-board improvements, wherein increased profits are inevitable and sizeable.

In its journey to build a strong culture of Quality & Innovation, the HERE team in India launched 7 campaigns and held 3 Innovation Days, resulting in the generation of over 1,800 new ideas; an estimated worth of €100,000!

This award serves as an invaluable opportunity for us to “check in” with ourselves, because we know that creating a great place to work is not just a one-time activity or event, but rather a perpetual commitment.

We’re focused on building well-rounded programs, strategies and teams that understand and continuously improve our employees’ experiences globally. Creating a holistic approach to the employee experience demands better tools and programs to capture employee feedback continuously. We embrace design thinking, studying, listening and learning from employees to discover new ways to simplify work and improve productivity, performance and engagement. Although we’re a global company, successful approaches to our global programs vary by geography and cultural differences in how employees perceive their work experience. Our teams are empowered to ensure workplace experiences are consistent for everyone locally.

We want our employees to be proud of what they do, Be True to who they are and feel that they belong, because when they do, we truly Win Together. Congratulations again to team India for making HERE a great place to work each and every day through your commitment to our core values, passion and creativity!

There’s a place for everyone in the new reality. Want to join us?
We’re creating a digital version of reality, so the world can move smoothly and safely. How? Through an innovative, inclusive team that’s passionate about improving people’s lives. And to those yet to join us, we look forward to creating a better future with you.

Kelley Steven-Waiss

Kelley Steven-Waiss

Chief HR Officer of HERE

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