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How HERE location data helps Lytx to protect over 650,000 drivers

How HERE location data helps Lytx to protect over 650,000 drivers

Capturing a fleeting moment in time on the road, whether a tragic crash or a manoeuvre highlighting driver heroics, is what risk management company Lytx does every day. In fact, it's something Lytx does up to 110,000 times day with its market-leading DriveCam video safety program.

Lytx was founded in 1998 on the premise that video can be a powerful silent witness in the event of a collision. Its DriveCam program is now used by more than 2,200 fleets worldwide comprising more than 650,000 commercial and government drivers.

The DriveCam event recorders feature inside and outside-facing lenses and capture 12 or 20-second video clips when triggered by a driving event like a hard brake or a sudden swerve. Those video clips are wirelessly sent to a review centre where they're scored and analysed by people, and delivered to the client the next day along with personalised coaching insights to help fine-tune the driver's safe driving skills.

But nearly as important as the video that gets shared with Lytx's fleet clients is the data it receives about the driving event. That's because the data brings the event into sharper focus and informs the highly effective coaching insights that help improve safe driving behaviour.

Lytx has been licensing HERE location data since 2011 to enable its event recorders to detect and record the posted speed. That allows the DriveCam event recorder to determine if a driver is exceeding the posted speed at the time a driving event occurs, and video capture is triggered.

Lytx-protected drivers currently log a billion miles every 2 weeks, and they cover a staggering variety of roads, from school buses touching every neighbourhood nook and cranny, to trucks that traverse North America from edge to edge. The HERE data informs Lytx algorithms about the characteristics of these roads, and adds critical dimension to the context for driver behaviour.

Lytx's team analyses the cumulative recorded data from these events, now more than 70 billion driving miles of data, to identify correlative behaviours that increase risk. The power and accuracy of Lytx's risk prediction is one of the key factors that have made it the global expert on safe driving behaviour.


Philip Barker

Philip Barker

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