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HERE is helping mobile workers plan and optimise their routes

HERE is helping mobile workers plan and optimise their routes

Noox is an application that uses HERE mapping to offer the best routes and improve productivity for drivers, sales representatives and maintenance teams.

It's an application that can help employees to make the right choice when it comes to picking the most efficient routes.

Transportation companies generally prefer to use experienced drivers who are able to make the right decisions about traffic flow. This means time spent training in the location where the driver will be working, which can involve accompanying another driver for a couple of weeks, which in turn represents a major constraint for the company.

To address this challenge, Noox has developed back-office software and a mobile app intended for route managers, and both are based on HERE technology.

HERE navigation and route planning services are based on high-quality mapping data, which makes it possible to offer drivers the accuracy and reliability they need. The HERE mapping database includes road attributes for heavy goods vehicles, including any legal and physical restrictions, so that route planning options can be customized to the vehicle used and the load carried.

A comprehensive, accurate and flexible solution for optimizing routes

The solution proposed by Noox has two parts that can be used separately or in combination:

The smartphone app is for drivers, sales representatives and maintenance teams. It provides them with a route plan, updated throughout the day. Standard industry practice has been for the fleet manager to give the drivers a route list in the morning, which could be a hard copy or e-mail, but the Noox application means drivers can get their routes directly on their smartphone app, with the ability for those routes to be tweaked and optimized in real-time.

Because they have access to route information, drivers can optimize their loads before they set off, in the best possible route order. Better yet, using the Noox application, novice drivers can work effectively without necessarily being completely familiar with the area in which they're working.

Taking advantage of the second part of the solution, the fleet manager can create, optimize and monitor all routes using the Noox software, which is available as online software-as-a-service and interfaces with the customer's TMS (Transport Management System). Using HERE mapping data and route planning services, all routes are optimized and shared with the driver or mobile worker. As such, it can provide considerable time savings in route planning by transport operators.

The reason Noox uses HERE mapping

Noox uses HERE mapping, SDK navigation and SDK mapping for heavy goods vehicles. Thanks to the offline navigation mode offered by HERE, the application makes it possible to have uninterrupted access to route planning and navigation functionalities, whatever the network conditions.

Noox has chosen HERE because of the accuracy and reliability of our maps, along with the offline mode, which is very valuable during driving. And because a consortium of major international companies and car manufacturers is investing in HERE, we can guarantee the sustainability of the technology, which is very important for Noox.

Feedback of information for precise route management

Thanks to the quality of the HERE mapping data and the efficiency of its route planning system, the Noox application is able to manage a fleet of hybrid vehicles (heavy goods vehicles and light vehicles). It feeds back information to the fleet manager and indicates expected stoppage times and delays for deliveries.

The driver's route can be modified on the go and the end customer can be alerted. The fleet manager can therefore manage the whole fleet equipped with this application. What's more, the precision of the routes means that parcels can be exchanged between drivers without involving the depots, making things even quicker. With Noox, companies can save time, resources and money, with drivers getting to their destinations far more efficiently.


Philip Barker

Philip Barker

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