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Enabling a new level of secure over-the-air software updates for cars

Enabling a new level of secure over-the-air software updates for cars

HERE launches highly secure over-the-air software solution to protect updates to connected and automated vehicles.

Automated and connected vehicles are becoming an ever-increasing norm amongst automotive manufacturers, as one in two cars sold today feature advanced driver assistance features. The good news is, as a result, traffic accidents normally caused by human error are on the decline.

However, as these safety features become more advanced, the need to keep them updated is a potential new friction point. Gone are the days when drivers would willingly bring their vehicle to the dealership for a software update. Vehicle owners will no longer accept an arduous process to get the most up-to-date software for their vehicles. They expect a secure system that provides the same ease of update as the phones in their pocket – and they’re right to do so.

Making safety the highest priority, we have launched HERE OTA Connect allowing cars to receive software updates over-the-air and removing the need to visit a dealership.

Listen to Timo Littke, from my team, discussing it with industry insider, Doug Newcomb.

A highly secure Over The Air (OTA) software solution

Making updates more convenient for our customers has been very important to us. While OTA technology has been available for some time, we wanted to make sure, however, that when we released our new solution, it was properly safeguarded, as constant connectivity and self-driving capabilities have made cars much more vulnerable to malicious attacks.

This is why HERE OTA Connect uses the Uptane security framework. which is backed by the U.S Department of Homeland Security. HERE OTA Connect is an end-to-end solution for OTA updates based on open standards and open source technology, allowing automakers to transfer data and deploy software updates to connected vehicles in a highly secure, cost-effective, and scalable manner.

Key benefits

OTA enables cost savings for auto manufacturers, and peace of mind for car owners. In other words, OTA technology is the next big advancement in keeping vehicles safe and up-to-date with less cost to both automakers and car owners.

With the ability to allow for secure updates to be rolled out remotely, instead of conducting large scale recall campaigns, and customers being able to purchase upgrades at the touch of a button, OEMs can expect to see a dramatic increase in savings as well as new profits when it comes to keeping their vehicles on the road ready with the latest available updates.

In addition, millions of lines of code are required as connected vehicles map new routes and encounter new scenarios on the road, and OTA Connect allows the updates to be pushed out to all cars in a matter of minutes.

HERE is dedicated to always keeping safety on the forefront when it comes to future innovations, HERE OTA Connect is just the first step in preparing for our future.

Armin Schmidt

Armin Schmidt

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