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Enhance your insurance solutions with HERE Technologies

Differentiate from your competitors and increase margin with insurance solutions that deploy the world’s most comprehensive location service platform

Why choose HERE Technologies for your motor insurance solutions

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    Enable accurate driver profiling

    HERE Route Match Extension ensures errors in GPS traces are corrected, while our comprehensive range of road attributes and unique content such as speed limit data and traffic flows ensure accurate driver risk profiling for usage based insurance.

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    Improve driver safety through real-time alerts

    Track drivers with HERE Mobile SDK, and monitor their driving behavior in real-time through native smartphone applications in iOS or Android that improve safety and reduce claims volumes by using HERE content to send real-time alerts and hazard warnings.

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    Engage customers through driver feedback and location-based value-add services

    Enhanced engagement using informative, location-enriched apps leads to higher customer retention and greater opportunities to cross-sell PAYD and other branded services, allowing insurers to incentivize safer driving performance.

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    Cut claim costs through improved accident forensics and black box insurance data

    HERE location technology can accurately display the location of an accident and provide the first notification of loss and other risk data, lowering claims costs, enhancing the claims process and reducing fraud.

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    HERE is at the forefront of connected vehicles and HAD

    As the development of telematics, the connected car and highly automated driving (HAD) continues to disrupt the future of motor insurance, HERE will remain a key player with its next-generation location services.

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  • “…insurance companies are looking for enhanced location-based content as well as driver analytics – details on hard-breaking, quick lane changes, and speed limits are vital – and want all of the content to be captured on a mobile device.”

    • Frank Gonzalez
    • Director of Product Marketing
    • Albalta

  • “We use HERE location services to enrich the data that’s recorded on the MyMile phone app. Only HERE was able to supply the level of accuracy and transparency required by our clients.”

    • Sven Roehl
    • CEO
    • msg global

  • “The technology in cars today is creating a vast amount of rich data that can be mined to better understand driver behavior, and HERE is at the forefront of this.”

    • Andrea Keller
    • Business Development Manager Automotive Solutions
    • SwissRe

Transition to HERE Technologies for location technology that meets your insurance needs

Drive differentiation and increase margin by enabling accurate risk assessment, enhancing driver safety and reducing claim costs.