Enhancing the advertising ecosystem with location data and software from HERE Technologies

HERE enables the advertising market to gain more precise, more granular actionable insights, from audience segmentation, bidding, campaign measurement and attribution.

Why the advertising ecosystem is choosing HERE Technologies

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    Enable your data science and algorithms with global, robust and precise location data

    Whether you’re on the buy, sell or data and measurement side of advertising, HERE provides location data suited to your needs. Exploit your latitude and longitude data in a holistic view of location.

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    Access the most comprehensive location data delivery services and tools available

    As one of the world’s largest location technology companies, HERE enables you to leverage our global offering for your own targeting, audience segmentation, campaign measurement and reporting. In addition, we provide geo-coding and reverse geo-coding capabilities for more insight on your location data.

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    Unmatched depth of location data to build and measure highly customizable audiences

    HERE location data enables your algorithms to work at varying degrees of data science, from deterministic to probabilistic, so you can scale from the Point of Interest (POI) to the polygon level, right down to the 3D models of venues.

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    A neutral business stance that gives you full control

    We let you build the algorithms you need to be smarter about your consumers and your campaign buys, inventory monetization, consumer experiences and messaging.

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