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The journey of mapping

Setting a new course for location technology

Mapping has always been about discovery. For centuries, two-dimensional maps guided us through the unknown to our destination. But we are no longer limited by the edges of our physical maps.

In 1985, we began with the simple goal to digitize mapping and pioneer in-car navigation systems. Over the next three decades, as NAVTEQ and Nokia, we’ve built a legacy in mapping technology.

Today, we're creating living three-dimensional maps that grow upwards, breathing with layers of information and insights.

Our mission: to create a digital representation of reality to radically improve the way everyone and everything lives, moves and interacts


On a path to move mapping beyond roads

Together we’re building open solutions for the future

By partnering with world-leading automakers, we are powering 4 out of 5 in-car navigation systems in North America and Europe. But we’re not just on the road.

We are capturing the world in three dimensions, readying for an autonomous future.

And we’re looking beyond. From autonomous driving to the Internet of Things, we are building the future of location technology through strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Intel, NVIDIA, Mobileye and Tencent.

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"We are open. We invite you to partner and help us digitize reality for a better world for everyone.”

Edzard OverbeekHERE CEO


8,000 people. 200 offices. 54 countries. One purpose.

We believe in the power of location data to transform our lives

With headquarters in Amsterdam, and development sites that span Chicago to Berlin and across to Mumbai, we are a global team with a shared passion. From data scientists and software developers to product engineers and mapping specialists, we come together from many different backgrounds to build a better future for location technology.

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The future of mapping lies in uncharted territory

We’re building an open platform to transform the power of mapping

Map Data

With a network of sensors collecting data points with great precision, to self-updating technology that processes 2.8 million daily edits, we are creating a vast, accurate, new kind of living map.

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Open Location Platform

By opening up our location platform and sharing our mapping information with our partners and customers, we are able to tackle some of the planet's biggest problems - like overpopulation and climate change.

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Led by passion.

Discover what drives our leaders to enable a better future with the Autonomous World.

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Guided by experience.

Our board members help guide us as we develop HERE for the benefit of our customers everywhere.

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