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Reality Index™

Innovate with HERE's industry-leading map content and powerful location data

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Creating a digital representation of reality

With the accelerating pace of technology and the ingestion of a constant stream of data, our world is changing rapidly. Location is the key to organize this change, to empower our surroundings and uncover new insights.

We’re pushing the boundaries beyond roads - to mountains and oceans and including data from drones, sensors, connected cars, cameras and chips. We consider the human experience, understanding the behavior and relationships between people, places and things.

By linking these location factors together, we are creating an index to organize us through place and time to create the world’s first digital representation of the physical world.

Welcome to the Reality Index™.

Key components for developing a digital reality
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Uncover insights

Developers will have access to more than location data, as the Reality Index™ will use machine learning to identify patterns and insights for unique app solutions.

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Integrate disparate data

The Reality Index™ enables quicker solutions by giving developers one place to access a wide variety of datasets.

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Understanding users

Using Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Processing, the Reality Index™ will understand and learn the relationships between objects, no matter how users talk about them.