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Enabling an Autonomous World for everyone

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90% of the world’s data was generated in the last two years. What if everyone was able to benefit from this vast resource?


Today’s data infrastructure is increasingly dominated by a few big players that operate across all industries and verticals using a business model based on closed data sets. These closed systems limit innovation, and restrict opportunities that we believe should be accessible for everyone.

Data is the infrastructure of the 21st century. By 2020, it is estimated there will be 200 billion devices on the planet generating more than 40 zettabytes of data. To unlock the potential of this almost unimaginable amount of information, we need to rethink how we collect and process data, how we value it, and how we define ownership and control over personal and corporate data.

At HERE Technologies, we believe in an open world in which everyone has access to a data infrastructure – an open world created through a shared data platform that helps form partnerships and unlocks value for all, ultimately increasing the capacity to advance businesses, society and humanity.

We are building systems that connect billions of devices and data points in real time, with a mission to make everything in our surroundings smarter, faster and more efficient.

For this new world to work for everyone, we believe the infrastructure should be based on an open data platform instead of in corporate-owned walled gardens. Your data should always remain your data, and the cost of entry should not be a mandatory free transfer of ownership.


Data is a valuable asset. An open world does not mean free or open source, but rather an exchange system that enables data owners to maximize and monetize the value of their assets.

An open world provides more flexibility and agility in how data owners can use data assets, creating opportunities through partnerships and collaboration. It allows people and businesses to have more control and ownership over their data and how it is being used.

An open world stimulates competition and provides equal opportunity for businesses everywhere. To make the most of a global marketplace, we want to enable businesses from around the world to freely share and monetize new ideas and solutions.

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Speed of global consumption is at 1.7 times earth’s available resources. What if we changed society to only require half of that?


Modern society is making increasingly unsustainable demands on our planet. Growing populations, mass urbanization and rapid industrialization are straining transportation, road, and city infrastructures – and we are destroying our planet with carbon emissions. This has to change.

Estimates show that urban populations will grow by an additional 2.2 billion inhabitants by 2050. To enable humanity to flourish and prepare for the challenges it will face, it is clear we need to change the conventions by which businesses, industries and economies operate.

At HERE Technologies, we are building a digital representation of reality by combining all the world’s data, anchored by the one element that is critical in enabling the Autonomous World: location. We call it the Reality Index™. It is a data layer of everything, which can uncover insights that will improve every aspect of society. As a tool, it will help us build technologies that will improve the function of cities and businesses – at a fraction of the energy and environmental costs.

Through intelligent routing, as well as optimizing energy and computational consumption, location technology has the potential to dramatically reduce emissions in all our cities. Industries will be transformed by tracking and data analytics, knowing exact locations, and the use of every asset at all times.

There will be far fewer cars on the roads, but we’ll all still get where we need to be on time. In fact, we will get everywhere faster because fully autonomous vehicles will equal less time spent in traffic jams – congestion can be reduced to zero.

Cities will have a billion ways to improve every day, evolving around their inhabitants’ needs. We believe this responsive, efficient world is only possible through a neutral location technology provider.


There are 60 million traffic accidents every year across the planet. What if there were none?


Globally, 3,400 people die on the roads every day. Tens of millions more are injured or disabled annually. On top of that, approximately two-thirds of all urban dwellers live in areas at high risk from natural hazards, storms and floods. Through the use of location data and technology, we can reduce these hazards that threaten people’s lives.

There are 1.2 billion vehicles on our roads today. Data suggests more than 90% of accidents are caused by human error. It’s an epidemic, and it can be eliminated. Autonomous vehicles will have significant implications for safety. It is estimated that if 50% of road traffic in the US was made up of autonomous cars, 9,600 lives could be saved annually.

At HERE Technologies, we are creating the Open Location Platform, that will allow vehicles to learn from each other by sharing data. It is an ecosystem, a collective brain, that helps unlock insights and removes uncertainties, so that all vehicles can share, analyze and act on information in an instant.

Beyond roads, climate change is already having a considerable impact on our lives and this is only set to increase. As 60% of urban dwellers already live in areas at high risk from natural hazards, governments have to develop comprehensive and proactive plans to mitigate the effects of storms and floods. For the Autonomous World to be a safer place for everyone, we have to start reconfiguring our relationships with machines today, with human benefits at the core.

The only way for people to feel safe in an Autonomous World is for them to have confidence in enabling technologies. We have been a trusted location technology partner for a myriad of businesses over more than 30 years. We believe in compensating for human error without stripping us of our freedoms, finding more efficient ways of working without damaging our self-worth, and creating a safer society without encroaching on our privacy.


By 2040, it’s estimated that road accidents will reduce by 90% as our roads and vehicles increasingly become connected and autonomous. Location technology will make safer, self-correcting traffic systems possible.

In a safer world, connected healthcare services will use combinations of sensors, data, and AI to continuously monitor and improve our health.

The air we breathe in urban environments will radically improve. Air quality monitoring, linked with location-based data, will provide continuous information to minimize the impact of pollution.

HERE platform

Develop solutions that drive your business forward

The top-ranked HERE platform gives customers access to our data, products and services as well as a developer environment and the HERE Marketplace where data can be exchanged.

Reality Index™

Creating a digital representation of the world

We are combining the world’s data, anchored by the one element that is critical in enabling the Autonomous World: location. It’s a data layer of everything, which can uncover insights that will improve every aspect of society. As a tool, it will help us build technologies that will improve the function of cities and businesses – at a fraction of the energy and environmental costs.