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Our vision

Enabling an autonomous world for everyone

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Our vision: The era of the Autonomous World

Location is everything when it comes to how we at HERE look to realize our vision of enabling an autonomous world for everyone.

By building a digital representation of reality entirely built upon location data, we are radically transforming the way the world lives, moves and interacts. 

Our innovation

Realizing our vision

We live in a world that is increasingly powered by location data and technology, enabling people and objects to live, move and interact faster, safer and in a more efficient way than ever before.

The way we enable companies to use location technology is unique and has transformed how customers can access the best location data and services. We offer an open platform for location technology, maximizing the possibilities for companies to use it to advance their businesses and applications.

HERE platform

Develop solutions that drive your business forward

The top-ranked HERE platform gives customers access to our data, products and services as well as a developer environment and the HERE Marketplace where data can be exchanged.

Reality Index™

Creating a digital representation of the world

We are combining the world’s data, anchored by the one element that is critical in enabling the Autonomous World: location. It’s a data layer of everything, which can uncover insights that will improve every aspect of society. As a tool, it will help us build technologies that will improve the function of cities and businesses – at a fraction of the energy and environmental costs.

A global standard for self-driving vehicles

Improving data-sharing between cars

Using AI to power location intelligence

Explore the future through the eyes of four of the worlds most respected thought-leaders.

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