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Customized location services from HERE

HERE Technologies helps companies differentiate their location search using custom places data

CES 2023, Las Vegas
5 January 2023
  • HERE platform gives companies the power to use their own places of interest data to customize search results on top of HERE Map Content
  • Pilot customers, including a major automotive OEM and consumer web mapping provider, use the HERE platform capability to help create business value, differentiate their brand, and drive new revenue streams

HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, today announced a new platform capability available for global businesses to uniquely customize the search outcomes their users receive by using their own places of interest data. As consumers demand more personalized experiences and B2C brands explore a broader range of value-add services, this new capability is a further step in enabling HERE customers and partners to deliver differentiated services.

Powered by HERE Workspace and HERE Search, customers can add private data into the map and search function, creating brand-specific search outcomes and distinct end user experiences. The HERE Map includes more than 140 million points of interest (POIs), and now HERE customers can include additional private POIs that will be included in end-user search results. Two customers – a major automotive OEM and consumer web mapping provider – are currently piloting the capability to help create business value, differentiate their brand, and drive new revenue streams.

The automotive OEM customer is piloting the capability to add location data for specific electric vehicle charging stations. This allows their customers to search and route to charging stations owned and operated by the OEM. The capability updates frequently to let drivers know what charging stations are open, minimizing wait times and improving the overall customer experience.

A consumer web mapping customer is piloting the capability to control advertiser-specific POI data. The customer adds their advertiser’s POIs directly into the HERE Map, providing enhanced details about the advertiser within the search result. For example, a user searching for a specific good or service within the map would get a more detailed result for relevant advertisers. The capability creates a unique user experience within the platform while generating new revenue streams for the HERE customer.

“Companies today need more than a one-size-fits-all location search solution,” said Fred Gerritse, Vice President of Location Services at HERE. “With this new capability, companies can add their own data to customize search outcomes, creating more efficient results that meet their customers’ demands. It is an important milestone as we continue to build out our maps and services customization portfolio to enable companies to build private location experiences that help them win in the market.”

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