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HERE elevates Aeonmotor riding experience and safety with smart navigation

Aeonmotor CROXERA Dashboard
Beijing & Taipei
7 June 2022
  • Aeonmotor taps HERE SDK to provide safety alerts for its newly launched CROXERA® M Smart Rear-view Mirror, and turn-by-turn route guidance for its CROXERA® smart dashboard and companion mobile applications.
  • HERE Technologies is part of the CROXERA® Safety Internet-of-Vehicle Alliance along with key industry players to collaborate on smart and safe technologies that will improve riders’ safety.

HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, today announced that it is powering leading motorcycle maker, Aeonmotor's newly launched aftermarket CROXERA® M Smart Rear-view Mirror with safety features, and its CROXERA® smart dashboard and companion app CROXERA®, with turn-by-turn (TBT) route guidance.

According to a market research report[1], the global ‘connected motorcycle’ market is set to experience an annual compound growth rate of 46.9% from 2021 to 2027. A connected motorcycle is equipped with an internet connected device that monitors and controls integrated systems, such as real-time navigation and traffic, driving assistance systems and equipment status. The arrival of 5G and the increase in internet penetration has increased demand from motorcyclists for these types of connected features.

Since 2018, the HERE SDK (software development kit) has powered Aeonmotor’s smart dashboard known as CROXERA® and its companion mobile application of the same name to provide riders with timely TBT navigation guidance and speed limit warnings that adapt to real-time changes. This data provides riders with accurate estimated time of arrival and distance to destination integrated into their dashboard, without needing to reference a separate device.

Through a proprietary, highly compressed data format, the HERE SDK preloads maps quickly while delivering offline capabilities such as route calculation, location search, and TBT navigation.

In March 2022, Aeonmotor launched its new CROXERA® M Smart Rear-view Mirror, and the mobile device application, CROXERA® EDGE. The HERE SDK has been extended to support these new products. For instance, the CROXERA® M Smart Rear-view Mirror uses sensors to alert riders via an LED icon and LED light bar if they are above a speed limit or when there is a speed camera nearby.

“Two-wheel vehicles are a vital part of daily life in many Asian countries, and the safety of riders has always been a hot topic. At Aeonmotor, we’ve sold over 23,000 bikes that feature the TBT navigation function powered by HERE. It’s a feature that has been in demand since HERE came onboard with us,” said Charlie Chung, Aeonmotor Executive Assistant. “Through years of leveraging the HERE SDK, we continue to be impressed by the data quality and the flexibility HERE offers. With HERE, we’ve been able to differentiate ourselves from competition and retain second place in the highly competitive electric scooter market.”

Aimed at bringing together industry expertise to collaborate on smart and safe technologies that will improve rider’s safety on the roads, Aeonmotor formed the CROXERA® Safety Internet-of-Vehicle Alliance in 2021. HERE is one of the partners alongside key industry players such as AU Optronics (AUO), Micro-Star International (MSI), Microsoft Corporation and Sanyang Motor.

“HERE continues to play an integral role in the development of our smart mobility and products. That is why we’ve decided to invite HERE to be part of the CROXERA® Safety Internet-of-Vehicle Alliance, where their expertise will enable us to better leverage technology to improve overall rider safety,” added Chung.

“Aeonmotor is a household brand known for integrating the latest technologies in its products. We’re proud to enable Aeonmotor to expand its brand presence and support their international expansion via CROXERA®,” said Sammie Xi, Director and Head of Business for Greater China at HERE. “At the same time, being part of the CROXERA® Safety Internet-of-Vehicle Alliance is a testament to how far our strategic partnership with Aeonmotor has evolved over the years. We look forward to continue supporting Aeonmotor and providing enhanced safety measures for riders globally.”

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