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Boosting the car sensor data ecosystem: HERE introduces neutral server for safe and secure third-party access

Boosting the car sensor data ecosystem: HERE introduces neutral server for safe and secure third-party access
Las Vegas, CES 2020
7 January 2020
  • HERE adds neutral server capabilities to the HERE Marketplace to enable safe, secure and privacy-compliant third-party access to car sensor data for service development
  • Blockchain-based consent management gives car owners and drivers control over access to their car data
  • Daimler first car manufacturer to provide access to car sensor data via the HERE neutral server

HERE Technologies, a global leader in mapping and location platform services, is extending the HERE Marketplace, its central hub for global data exchange and enrichment across industries, with neutral server capabilities. These enable safe, secure and non-discriminatory access for third party service providers to car sensor data from multiple brands, while simultaneously adhering to privacy regulations. Daimler is the first car manufacturer taking advantage of these new capabilities to make its car sensor data available to third parties via the HERE neutral server.

Cars generate various types of data sets that can be the source for a multitude of use cases and services, from real-time traffic and hazard warnings to on-street parking, usage-based insurance and beyond. To bring an ecosystem around that data to life and stimulate the development of new services, third-party service providers need to gain access to it in a standardized way. Historically, car manufacturers have not provided direct access to their backend for security reasons. This creates the need for a central “neutral” interface, managed by an independent entity. With the neutral server from HERE as central access point service providers also benefit from not having to engage individually with dozens of different car manufacturers, all unique in their regulations and requirements.

As part of the neutral server, HERE has developed a dedicated consent management service. This takes into account requirements for personal data by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Based on blockchain technology, the consent management enables service providers to deliver a consent request for such data to car owners and drivers who then can individually grant and revoke access at any time.

Daimler will provide sensor data for four data sets and one use-case including:

Vehicle Status – the data set providing the current status of windows and doors, deck lid, rooftop or sunroof and interior lights.

Electric Vehicle Status – the data set providing the state of charge and the remaining range of a specific electric vehicle.

Fuel Status – the data set which determines the fuel level and the remaining distance of connected vehicles remotely.

Vehicle Lock Status – the data set to determine the direction a vehicle is heading and whether the connected vehicle is locked or unlocked.

Pay as you drive Insurance – The use-case provides actual odometer information to offer distance-based insurance services. 

“With our neutral server we can offer car manufacturers like Daimler a trusted, safe and secure distribution channel to share their car sensor data that is compliant with European legislation and privacy regulations,” said Giovanni Lanfranchi, Chief Technology Officer at HERE Technologies. “This creates a win-win-win situation for OEMs, service providers and drivers alike: while it opens up new monetization opportunities for car manufacturers, it spurs innovation among service providers to create new digital solutions that drivers will ultimately benefit from.”

The neutral server concept for car data was initiated by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) in 2016 to make car sensor data available for third-party services. It aims to ensure the protection of the car user’s personal data, guarantee the safe and secure functioning of the car and protect intellectual property rights of the car manufacturers. It is supported by the EU, European car manufacturers and other stakeholders and service providers within the automotive industry.

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