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HERE OTA Connect unleashes the self-healing potential of connected cars and devices

HERE OTA Connect unleashes the self-healing potential of connected cars and devices
CES 2019, Las Vegas
7 January 2019

Expanded OTA solution enables remote diagnostics and proactive repairs

HERE Technologies announced today that it has expanded the capabilities of HERE OTA Connect, its highly secure over-the air solution for updating connected vehicles and IoT devices, to not only manage remote updates and distribute software and firmware, but to automatize remote diagnostics and reduce error fix time. The technology closes the loop by retrieving diagnostic data from the vehicle or device, analyzing that data in the cloud and responding with automatic over-the-air updates using real-time location insights. This advancement is made possible through the solution’s integration with the HERE Open Location Platform (OLP), the powerful platform for big data analytics and creation of new data services centered on location intelligence.

The OLP targets the biggest problem in the development of new location services: data is often siloed and incompatible, which makes collecting and combining data strenuous and time-consuming. The OTA integration with the OLP creates a process wherein the connected car or device’s data is collected and given a location context, providing powerful insights to guide future actions. Use cases include predictive and preventative maintenance and remote diagnostics, as well as the creation of situation-specific, on-demand and location services.

“The amount of data and the processing speed required to support human and machine decision-making are at a different scale today, and we need a more powerful, responsive system to transform and process data, extract location intelligence and distribute it to downstream applications in real time and at scale,” said Peter Kürpick, Chief Platform Officer at HERE Technologies. “This is the advantage of the OLP. Integrating HERE OTA Connect into the platform brings together our secure, cost-saving OTA solution with the breadth of location intelligence available via the OLP to fuel next-generation services and revenue models, while meeting privacy and security needs.”

The OTA Connect and OLP integration enhances the ability of a manufacturer to troubleshoot and improve efficiency in real time. For example, if a truck ECU reports that its hydraulic shock absorbers are approaching end-of-life, the manufacturer can determine if the terrain on a truck’s proposed route will cause increased strain on shock absorbers by analyzing its diagnostic and location data on the OLP. An OTA software update campaign can then recalibrate the vehicle’s base frame to reduce strain on shock absorbers, ensuring that the vehicle is kept on the road as long as possible before scheduled maintenance, eliminating downtime and maximizing revenue.

“The evolution of HERE OTA Connect, and its inclusion in the OLP, demonstrates our ability to comprehensively meet the business needs of OEMs and other customers,” said Stefan Kohlmeyer, Director of OTA at HERE Technologies. “This advancement showcases our strengths in innovating a technology essential for connected and autonomous cars, and also for broader applications, including robotics and infrastructure, as devices become more connected and complex.”

HERE OTA Connect aligns with GDPR requirements and incorporates the best-in-class security framework Uptane, backed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The technology was created by Advanced Telematic Systems (ATS), a Berlin-based software company specializing in connected car software, which HERE acquired in January 2018.

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