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HERE launches Predictive Traffic

2014-11-20/01 - HERE launches Predictive Traffic
Charlotte, N.C.
20 November 2014

HERE, a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences, today launched HERE Predictive Traffic, a new traffic forecasting product that can anticipate future traffic conditions in real-time.

HERE Predictive Traffic considers over 100 different traffic behavior profiles per road segment to provide up to the minute traffic forecasts as far as 12 hours into the future. HERE devised a proprietary mechanism that selects the appropriate profile from this exhaustive collection, and combines it with real-time conditions to provide travelers with the best travel time estimates for their destination. Drivers using Predictive Traffic saw estimated arrival times that were up to 20% more accurate for journeys over 30 minutes in length.

Automakers, transportation agencies and other companies can build applications that seamlessly integrate HERE Predictive Traffic data across all screens. Pre-planned trips could be synced to the cloud, for example, allowing for automatic integration with the car and real-time notifications via connected devices. Dynamic message signs on highways could broadcast better travel times to the public.

Predictive Traffic demonstrates how HERE is using its expertise in predictive analytics and cloud computing to create solutions for connected cars today, and lay the foundation for autonomous vehicles tomorrow. The product will initially be available to OEMs in the U.S., Canada and Germany.

HERE has the most comprehensive traffic portfolio in the industry. In addition to Predictive Traffic, HERE Real-time Traffic is available in 43 countries and historical traffic data are available in 81 countries. HERE also collects more than 70 billion probe points per month and has collected more than 1.3 trillion historical probe points over the past decade.

“With HERE Predictive Traffic, businesses and ultimately consumers will benefit from having the most accurate, real-time traffic forecasts at their fingertips,” says Ogi Redzic, Senior Vice President, Connected Driving HERE. “With Predictive Traffic, drivers will learn of delays in advance and be able to plan around them. The most important thing is that people spend less time in traffic.”

HERE will be demonstrating its Predictive Traffic product at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina starting today.

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