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HERE test car drive schedule

Drive schedule for our test cars data collection in Germany

Plan for the test drive in Germany


Exploratory testing

01 Aug 2022 02 Aug 2022 03 Aug 2022 04 Aug 2022 05 Aug 2022 10 Aug 2022


09:00 - 17:00 09:00 - 17:00 09:00 - 17:00 09:00 - 17:00 09:00 - 17:00 09:00 - 17:00


6-8h 6-8h 6-8h 6-8h 6-8h 6-8h

Length of the trip

437 km 400 km 400 km 505 km 365 km 573 km  

Trip Plan

Berlin, DE (half day) - Nuremberg, DE Nuremberg, DE - Munich, DE  (suburbs) Munich, DE (suburbs) Munich, DE - Stuttgart, DE Stuttgart, DE - Cologne, DE Cologne, DE - Berlin, DE


FAQ about HERE test drives

Below you will find answers to questions you may have about HERE cars, map data, and privacy

What about HERE Test drives, street-level imagery and privacy at HERE?

HERE engages in test drives to test some of its in-vehicle technology. We have great respect for privacy and have built extensive features into our streetlevel imagery collection process to protect your privacy, in addition to giving careful consideration to the scope of our data collection.

Where users may:

  • Our technology blurs personal data (such as faces and license plates) to protect individual privacy. We do not publish any personal data
  • Our focus is on key commercial areas, public roads, and areas with high search or incidents concentration.
  • The images captured are the same types that tourists or city residents would take while exploring by bus, by car, or on foot.
  • We ensure the highest standards of privacy by complying with applicable law in this regard.
  • The images are used only for testing purposes and will not be shared with any third parties
  • HERE is responsible for the use of personal data. For more information about our privacy policy and how we collect and use personal data please visit



How can I identify a vehicle and find more information?

The vehicle will be clearly marked with our company name or logo. Drivers have flyers that provide details as to why we are collecting images and where questions and concerns can be addressed.

How and when will street-level images be created?

The primary focus will be on public roads of commercial interest and areas with high concentration of points of interest (POIs). Street level images will be created using cameras mounted on clearly marked cars that will travel through selected areas. These images are recorded in the vehicles and are later transferred to a secure facility for image and privacy processing. Filming and location dates can be found above.

What is the purpose of collecting street-level imagery?

The imagery is to be used for testing and improving Incident and Local Hazard Warning services.

Scope of testing:

  1. Performance of field testing for Incident and Local Hazard Warning information, using selected(-connected) vehicles and/or Human Machine Interface (HMI) within the vehicle as means to evaluate HERE service implementation quality. e.g. HERE Hazard Warning.
  2. Comparison of HERE content with observations while performing exploratory testing.
  3. Delivery of test reports as a result of this testing.

How does street-level imagery affect privacy?

As the cars travel through public roads they collect street-level imagery of their surroundings. That imagery inevitably includes not only the roads themselves, road signs, landmarks, incidents on the road, and also persons and vehicle license plates. We operate our street-level imagery activities so that we comply with applicable laws governing the processing of imagery in accordance with our privacy policy.

What measures do you take to ensure that street-level pictures don't violate the privacy of individuals?

We use technology to blur portions of images that may raise privacy concerns, including faces and license plates.

Are you collecting Wi-Fi data?

No, we are not.

How long is the retention period for unblurred images?

We endeavour to only retain personal data as long as necessary. For already collected data, the retention period is 2 months. Raw data collected from the streets are deleted immediately after blurring.

What is the legal basis for collecting imagery?

Legitimate interests.

Does HERE make use of third parties for the collection of street level imagery?

In some cases, HERE relies on third party service providers in the collection of street level imagery. HERE ensures that these third party service providers are always compliant with applicable data protection laws.

Who is the data controller?

HERE Global B.V., Kennedyplein 222 -226, 5611 ZT Eindhoven, Netherlands.

In matters pertaining to HERE’s privacy practices you may contact our Data Protection Officer, Emmanuel Salami, at:

HERE Global B.V.
c/o Privacy
Kennedyplein 222 -226
5611 ZT Eindhoven