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HERE Cellular Signals

Accurate cellular network information along roads

Enhancing communication and investments

HERE Cellular Signals powers a range of industries and services.

In the transport and logistics space, dispatchers and drivers need to be more efficiently and effectively connected than ever. In the telcoms space, wireless networks must expand their capacities while maintaining quality to meet the demand for mobile communications and broadband services.

HERE Cellular Signals supports and enhances both industries. By delivering quality data, we enable personnel to make better decisions, plan and analyze more precisely, and respond to events faster. 

Key differentiators

Keeping in touch

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Based on an accurate and global navigation map

HERE Cellular Signals is available in 196 countries, and is aligned to the road network of the HERE Map – a robust, rich and industry-leading map.

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Rich data sources

HERE Cellular Signals is built with a rich and dynamic data set that undergoes daily updates from over 250 million connected devices worldwide, with traces from 107 million cells and 3 billion Wi-Fi hotspots.

Fleet of trucks

Designed for fleet customers

Our truck-specific navigation content (covering height and weight restrictions, HazMat, loading dock stations and more) makes fleet management and mobile asset management more efficient and effective.

Get started with HERE Cellular Signals

With coverage across 196 countries, a dynamic data set, plus truck-specific navigation content, keep transport and logistic industries better connected.

Product applications

Technical information

Under the hood

HERE Cellular Signals is a rich data set with 800 million daily updates.

The product gives information on the single optimal signal available, indicating network coverage, interface (3G, 4G, etc) and strength information.

This information is overlaid on the HERE map and associated to it via link IDs. Devices send cell, Wi-Fi traces and GPS coordinates to HERE Positioning servers where the data is combined to create a global radio map, aligned to the HERE road network. The product is delivered in File Geodatabase format and updated quarterly. 

  • High data volume increase positioning accuracy, all the way to residential roads, including urban canyons.
  • Discerning input selection enables delivering on product quality
  • Cloud-based machine learning and statistical tools are implemented throughout the processing pipeline.

Dig deeper

Ovum Location Platform Index 2019

The relative strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.


Discover how HERE Cellular Signals enhances transportation and logistics.


Discover how HERE Cellular Signals enhances the telecoms industry.

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