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Connected Driving 1 min read

How the metaverse will transform automotive in 2023 — and beyond

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Web3, AR, VR and the metaverse are all terms bandied around in discussions of the future. But how are they changing the car industry?

The metaverse? It is already with us in automotive.

In this video, Ronak Amin, Product Marketing Manager for Connected Driving at HERE, sheds some light on how the metaverse is being used to design, repair, sell and drive vehicles today.

From BMW's Omniverse, a virtual world in which engineers can collaborate and test out scenarios before moving to the real world, to the dashboard of the future, virtual worlds are an essential part of the automotive industry.

In the future, some believe we will be able to take a virtual friend on a road trip with us. Even if some of these visions do not become a mainstream reality, one thing is for sure: it is changing automotive engineering, commerce and the in-vehicle experience right now.

Beth McLoughlin 2023

Beth McLoughlin

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