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Keep on truckin’ both on and offline with HERE

Keep on truckin’ both on and offline with HERE

Going off the road (literally) is the only thing worse than going offline and losing your way when you are a trucker under pressure to deliver on time. Not to worry, HERE truck navigation will get you there; it’s now available in offline mode.

Android and iOS developers can take advantage of HERE Mobile SDK, which possesses a hybrid engine to enable apps to work in both modes. Truck drivers will benefit from turn-by-turn guidance, high-quality truck maps and route data, regardless of network availability — all without incurring international roaming charges.

It’s as simple as pre-downloading maps before hitting the road. If access becomes sketchy, routes are still calculated without a data connection.

Check out the features for yourself, as HERE demonstrates our new offline functionality at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany this week. The full capabilities are expected to be available internationally in October.

What else is on display at IAA?

HERE’s solutions for light and heavy fleets place particular attention on providing key road attributes especially for truck driving, including legal and physical restrictions. This specialized focus improves the accuracy, precision, reliability, efficiency, safety and security that truck drivers depend on to meet customer expectations and fleet managers need to be successful.

For example, HERE’s Fleet Connectivity Extension will also be exhibited at the show. It allows dispatchers and drivers to work in a more connected mode; a two-way flow of data puts more control right in their hands.

Fleet managers can automatically send destination and key location information directly to a navigation device, eliminating extra manual steps for the trucker. In return, the dispatcher receives live location updates from the device with estimated time of arrival.

We’d love to see you at the show. Visit us at B11.


Lori Castle

Lori Castle

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