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HERE Premier 3D Cities: Meet the high-fidelity, three-dimensional model of your city

HERE Premier 3D Cities: Meet the high-fidelity, three-dimensional model of your city

HERE has created high-fidelity, 3D models of 70+ cities around the world to help delivery drivers, urban planners, and others find their way around.

The real SimCity is here. Introducing 70+ models of cities around the world, combining rich layers of data and attributes for developers to build their own simulations.

They can be used by a whole host of different stakeholders:  urban planners  can use them to test out new transport designs, telecommunications companies can use them to decide where 5G infrastructure should be built, and they can also be used to create digital twins and simulations so that emergency response scenarios can be planned, tested and applied in real life. Last-mile delivery drivers can use them to navigate dense and complex urban environments, pin-pointing the exact buildings and entry points they need along their routes.

HERE Premier 3D Cities helps you create immersive and highly-detailed visualizations, such as this one of Dubai.


HERE Premier 3D Cities are created with multiple sources – including LiDAR, optical, and satellite imagery. Developers can use the geospatial data contained in them to create their own applications and simulations.

It's not just businesses and governments who can benefit from them. HERE 3D city models are already integrated with Audi's A8 luxury sedan modular infotainment platform. This means drivers can use the model to navigate and get guidance on lane discipline, for example.

The models - such as this one of Chicago - contain rich layers of data and attributes aligned to real-world geometry and terrain.


How does it work?

The structures within HERE Premier 3D Cities are indexed and addressed. Developers can search and address individual buildings, attach additional metadata to them, and apply advanced rendering techniques including computer-generated images.

Each kilometer of data is stored in small-size tiles for efficient streaming and rendering. Sample datasets are currently available on AWS Exchange for those who want to try it out.

Models like this one of San Francisco can be used by video game developers.


“HERE has captured the world's major road networks and urban environment for enterprise use cases in 3D," said Jørgen Behrens, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies.

“Whereas today we navigate the world within 3-5 meters of relative location accuracy, the Internet of Things is quickly requiring a new level of sub-meter location precision. We're excited to provide developers across industries with this unique data that opens up a world of applications and possibilities."

Find out how you can bring urban 3D visualizations to life with HERE Premier 3D Cities.

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Beth McLoughlin

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