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HERE HD+ Traffic offers more traffic updates with lower data costs

HERE HD+ Traffic offers more traffic updates with lower data costs

Cars are becoming increasingly connected, offering drivers more features and making journeys safer and more efficient than ever before. Extra connectivity can also mean bigger data costs, which is where HERE HD+ Traffic comes in.

HD+ Traffic uses a mixture of radio and internet-connected technology to share traffic updates and information, significantly reducing data usage and the associated costs.

Mandy Taylor, a senior product manager for traffic services at HERE, explains:

“Because traffic conditions are changing every minute and on every road around you, we’re seeing automakers become concerned about how much data is consumed, whether through an embedded modem or via Bluetooth and the driver’s smartphone.”

HD+ Traffic uses the same technology that enables drivers to see the names of artists and songs when listening to digital radio. “It’s not spoken updates,” adds Mandy, “it’s digital, and it lets us send our traffic data in a binary format, ones and zeros, so it can be decoded and put onto the navigation system.”

Localized coverage? HERE has the solution

HERE HD+ Traffic is particularly innovative, solving the issue of localized coverage from radio towers, meaning that it’s possible to drive out of broadcasting range, so drivers will still get the traffic updates they need, wherever they are.

Mandy explains: “With HD+ Traffic, losing radio coverage is no longer a problem. By delivering traffic updates over both radio and our internet-connected products, we can ensure that when your car roams out of the radio signal area, you’ll switch over to the internet-based service.”

Mandy explains that the vast majority of people – and therefore traffic congestion – reside within radio coverage areas. HERE currently has 88 radio stations across the US and Canada broadcasting traffic information, and is working with the BTC (Broadcaster Traffic Consortium) to find more radio stations to broadcast updates and help to grow HD+ Traffic.

“It really covers most of the data required to deliver traffic updates because most of the population live in these areas, most of our road networks are within these areas and also these are the areas where conditions change a lot more frequently. It’s very rare that there’s a traffic jam on the interstate running through the middle of Wyoming, whereas in Chicago the conditions on the i90 are constantly changing.”

The ability to provide traffic updates in different ways, using different technology means that no matter the format, wherever a vehicle is, HERE can provide a quality traffic service for all drivers.

Hyundai signs up to use HD+ Traffic

HERE HD+ Traffic’s ability to keep data requirements to a minimum mean that OEMs will be able to provide traffic updates and information without worrying about hefty costs, and it’s a concept that appealed to carmaker Hyundai, who signed up to use HERE HD+ Traffic for certain 2017 vehicle models sold in the US and Canada.

The ability to switch seamlessly between broadcast and internet-connected traffic feeds means that no matter where you’re driving, you’ll still be able to enjoy reliable information and the most innovative HERE traffic services, including Split Lane Traffic and reversible express lane information.

Philip Barker

Philip Barker

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