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HERE maps will go to work with Iteris to measure traffic performance in Utah

HERE maps will go to work with Iteris to measure traffic performance in Utah

Utah - the “Life Elevated” state, top destination for outdoor adventurers year round, from trekking across Arches National Park to hitting the powdery slopes around Park City – is improving its roadways with Iteris and HERE.

Not just a leader for outdoor enthusiasm, Utah is a leading state in the realm of traffic performance measurement. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has partnered with applied informatics company Iteris to manage and measure traffic activity across the state. Today, Iteris is utilizing HERE location intelligence to fill in detailed roadway information and improve traffic monitoring and management.

Iteris provides Utah with the monitoring tool Iteris iPeMS which provides custom interactive displays for large third-party data sets. Now, Iteris is adding HERE Real-Time Traffic and historical traffic data to enable UDOT to visualize and analyze real-time and historical traffic data, while measuring and forecasting the impacts of changing weather conditions, construction, traffic and infrastructure health.

Real-time traffic data is an intelligent data source that can be utilized in modern traffic modelling. Once, traffic was predicted based on driver surveys conducted every decade or so in order to guess how, where and when traffic would behave. Today, HERE produces the same results daily, in real time, and can build accurate roadway traffic models for today and beyond on demand.

With this expansive information in hand, Utah can make informed decisions in the areas of improving infrastructure in areas of frequent congestion and address safety by examining areas with higher rates of traffic incidents. The new features will include providing UDOT with real-time maps, active traffic bottlenecks, historical trend reports for predictive analytics, route creation, reliability maps, weather overlays, and more.

The new update will expand iPeMS’ view of traffic and road conditions state-wide, to include major freeways as well as arterial roads across Utah’s 84,899 square miles. UDOT intends to use the data gathered to reach their goal of zero crashes, zero fatalities in the state.

Managing congestion and prioritizing projects that improve mobility and safety from a data-centric point of view is a key objective for Utah. We are proud to provide HERE real-time and historical traffic data, with Iteris’ analytical tools, to deliver the understanding of road performance and insights needed for data-driven project planning and management.

Bradley Walker

Bradley Walker

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