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HERE and DJI take drones to the ends of the earth

HERE and DJI take drones to the ends of the earth

Potentially reaching untouched parts of the world, the sky’s the limit as a new drone mapping partnership between HERE and DJI enables pilots to pinpoint locations on and offline.

A global leader in unmanned aerial technology, DJI selected HERE to provide mapping interface technology to assist drone pilots around the world navigate through the DJI GO app.

Boosting and enhancing DJI's user experience was a top consideration when searching for a mapping solution, and HERE has highly accurate map capabilities, so pilots will always be supported with precise navigation.

The partnership marks a momentous leap in the increased functionality of drones on a global scale, giving pilots more independence and inspiring them to be more adventurous. Drone flyers will be able to pinpoint their locations in real time and navigate precisely through critical segments of flight.

The HERE-powered map will also draw the flight path of a drone as it flies, and can reorient it by creating a direct line home. Plus, the app works offline, so drones can be located even when they’re out of mobile network range.

HERE maps are available through the most recent DJI GO app update using Android devices.

Lori Castle

Lori Castle

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