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Five Popular Scenarios for Integrating Location Services with AWS

Five Popular Scenarios for Integrating Location Services with AWS

If you are a developer working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and looking to integrate maps and location data, I'll show you in this post five popular scenarios you can integrate HERE Location Services with the AWS platform. At the end of this post, you will find an on-demand video discussing these in more detail. Let's go!

1. Web Sites

Amazon has many options for developers to create/host a website as shown in this screen capture:

Perhaps the most common use of location services is with a visual, interactive map seen on a web page. This is possible with our Maps API for JavaScript. Alternatively, web applications could also retrieve map images via API, as well as other location services.

2. Serverless

Hosting and maintaining business logic with a serverless architecture is possible with AWS Lambdas. You could write your own serverless process from scratch, use a "blueprint", or select from one of many in the AWS Serverless Repository. If you want to create your own custom location services API wrapper, you could choose from what HERE offers in the repository as shown here:

3. AWS IoT

With so many IoT devices out there, this has become a very popular scenario for using location services. AWS IoT provides the means to managing all those devices supporting your solution. HERE contributes with the integration of location services to help you track devices, create routes, and discover location information. HERE also provides integration for the various client types with our SDKs.

4. AWS Lex

If automation with chat bots intrigues you, AWS Lex makes it easy to create one! And if you need to integrate location data in your conversational UX, simply use our APIs in the Lambda function which fulfills the processing of the chat bot. The screen capture below shows a simple chat bot configured to use a Lambda containing the needed API call to determine if an asset is in an area (geofencing).

If you want to learn more, check out our blog and video!

5. Alexa

Voice interaction is more popular than ever before. Developers can target Alexa by creating skills that allow voice commands. When such skills require location services, this can be accomplished once again with simple API calls. 


In this post, we briefly covered five popular scenarios where AWS developers could integrate HERE Location Services. You can learn more about this in our video below!

Michael Palermo

Michael Palermo

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