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Bose and HERE – creating the future of AR

Bose and HERE – creating the future of AR

Your AR experiences will soon become more sensory and immersive thanks to a joint development between HERE and Bose.

Bose and HERE have teamed up to offer users of Bose Frames, QuietComfort 35 wireless Headphones II and noise-cancelling Headphones 700 an immersive AR experience.

HERE, the leader in mapping and location technology and Bose, the expert in audio, will collaborate to jointly enable our respective developer communities to deploy augmented reality (AR) location applications and services.

This collaboration gives HERE developers access to the Bose AR platform and spatial-audio capabilities, and extends the HERE platform, positioning and mobile SDK location technologies to developers building audio AR applications and experiences.

Integrating the sensors in Bose products with HERE’s location technology, developers can create enhanced navigation and contextual user experiences based on the wearables’ field of vision or direction of travel.

The Bose AR SDK accesses a slim sensor and acoustics development environment in a Bose AR-enabled wearable to enhance reality with sound. The technology can be controlled with voice commands, head gestures and touch.

Integrating HERE positioning and REST APIs into the Bose AR SDK enables developers building experiences to add a rich location context to their applications. They can quickly and easily add HERE maps, global points of interest (POIs), the positioning stack, which includes Bluetooth and UWB beacon support for new indoor orientation and navigation, as well as a host of other location capabilities. With this collaboration, Bose is also looking to integrate HERE capabilities across other tools in the platform.

“We are thrilled that our two companies, known for innovation, quality and technical excellence, are working together in this way to allow developers to create an entirely new kind of user experience,” said Jørgen Behrens, SVP and head of applications at HERE. “Audio and location are critical components in the AR developer’s toolkit, and this partnership truly embodies our developer relations focus: to empower every developer to create impactful solutions.”

“Indoor positioning, POIs and direction of travel are of the highest priority to our customers and developers,” said Michael Ludden, global head of enablement and principal augmented reality product advocate at Bose. “Combining HERE positioning technology with Bluetooth and UWB support, as well as enterprise-leading HERE maps, POIs and SDKs, enable developers to break new ground and build the future of AR services.”

Are you a developer? Visit our developer portal where you can find information and the tools you need to create location-aware and apps and services.

Ian Dickson

Ian Dickson


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