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A 3-minute guide to what HERE does

A 3-minute guide to what HERE does

Aaron Dannenbring, our Senior Vice President of Core Map Group at HERE, offers a 3-minute summary of our business on NBC Chicago.

First and most fundamentally, HERE is a mapmaker. It does this for a variety of customers – carmakers, ordinary people, enterprise IT and third parties like Yahoo! and Bing.

On top of this is what we call our Location Cloud. This comprises experiences for consumers and enterprises – different slices of or lenses over our map data content. Services like finding the best route – whether it’s for an individual traveling on foot; or a logistics company sending trucks to dozens of different locations every day.

Using this Cloud, we create applications that help consumers find where they are and where they are going. And allow businesses to make smarter decisions.

A key use of our maps going forward is automated driving. Your car needs to know where it is, where it’s going and lots of details about the world around it. For automated vehicles to work, they’re going to need maps.

Location is central to things people want to do daily – whether as individuals or as part of a business. We help people make better decisions. This isn’t something that will decline in any way: in fact, the opposite is true. The business of location is an emerging opportunity and its importance grows daily.

Ian Delaney

Ian Delaney

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