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Analyst report ranks HERE number one

Strategy Analytics has released its latest location platform benchmarking report, and ranked us number one in the world, above Google, Mapbox and TomTom.

Strengths and weaknesses revealed

Location technology can transform your business, but it’s also a big investment. The new report from Strategy Analytics will help you make the right decision for the long term, helping you understand the current market and the world’s leading location companies. Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The state of play of location today: and how it’s growing in sectors like automotive, enterprise and IoT,  mobile apps and digital advertising
  • Location growth opportunities: including asset tracking, mobility, business intelligence and advertising
  • Location platform strengths and weaknesses: comparing HERE, Google, Mapbox and TomTom
  • How each player ranks: in areas including freshness, openness, POIs, search, developer community and visualization
  • Why HERE was ranked number one: well resourced, strong in map content licensing, influential investors and partners (eg Audi, Daimler, Bosch), global coverage, strong growth vision, large enterprise customers (eg Amazon, MSFT), offline (hybrid) mode