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HERE and NVIDIA join forces to accelerate autonomous driving

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With their sights set on a driverless future, HERE and NVIDIA are creating a cloud-to-car mapping system to help autonomous vehicles safely navigate the world.

Announced at CES 2017, this extended collaboration leverages artificial intelligence technology from NVIDIA to develop HERE HD Live Map into the industry-leading real-time, high-definition mapping solution for autonomous vehicles. The work will help automakers deploy self-driving cars that can sense the world around them and choose the safest routes forward.

The partnership between HERE and NVIDIA was first announced at CES 2016. Today, road tests are taking place to assess how AI and deep learning can benefit autonomous travel.


Chicago Highway from Above

By working with NVIDIA, we can ensure that automakers deploying the NVIDIA DRIVE platform can easily enable HERE HD Live Map for self-driving cars.

Edzard Overbeek | HERE CEO

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