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Bridging the knowledge gap with on-demand data

Discover how LiDAR data can improve government planning and operations

cars on freeway
building the foundation

LiDAR 101 and collection methods

What does state-of-the-art LiDAR look like? Learn how collection methods can impact the system capabilities.

ingestion via crowd

Public sector use cases for LiDAR

Rich 3D models can positively impact nearly every agency. Uncover a range of critical uses and learn from current users.

map learning in the cloud

Making the case for on-demand LiDAR

On-demand data is a practical solution to legacy processes. Characteristics to look for in a LiDAR solution and provider.

Lidar: the next tool in homeland security and public safety

Lidar offers crucial insight into landscapes, infrastructure and assets, supporting the missions of defense and intelligence organizations, emergency services and public safety.

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