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Telecom & Utilities


Geographically visualize, analyze and plan your network


Meaningful location insights

Plan, build and maintain your telecom network

HERE offers a comprehensive set of location services that allow you to gain geospatial insights into the location of your network infrastructure, customers and field service personnel.

Key differentiators

Enhancing efficiency

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Better network management

HERE delivers location insights that help telecommunication providers better understand their network areas, existing demand and supply, gaps in network coverage, and physical locations of cables and towers.

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Enhanced performance

Our location data helps network operators visualize and analyze their network performance in relation to where most drop-calls occur, where roaming services are most used, and beyond.

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Optimized workforce

HERE helps optimize resource assignment, enables real-time information on field worker location, and provides location insights into the telco infrastructure – right on the spot. 

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Enhanced network investment

HERE enables accurate spatial analysis of telco data, allowing for easier identification of business opportunities that can evolve telecom infrastructures or service plans in specific regions and markets.

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Better assess markets

By visualizing telco and demographic data, HERE helps service providers target new markets and prioritize sales in areas with the greatest potential for return on investment.

Ovum Location Platform Index 2019

The relative strengths and weaknesses of each location vendor including data, enablers and features, and why HERE cements its position as the location industry leader.

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Success Stories

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With countries like India, France and Britain swearing off the sale of gasoline and diesel cars within 25 years, we’re cruising toward electric-car fueled roads. Prevalent as the vehicles are soon-to-become though, they still remain a mystery to most.

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