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5G Network Planning

Maximize your return on infrastructure investments with hyper-precise 3D geolocation data to digitize your network planning, design and deployment

As the market leader, we provide you with the submeter geometric and geospatial precision coverage you need to confidently make cost-effective planning decisions.

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Reduce network planning costs up to 40%

Identify areas of interest and evaluate cell site candidates faster, more accurately and all from the convenience of your desktop.

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Accelerate 5G deployment up to 3x

Scale your planning and operations with 3D geospatial data and the design tools and GIS application software of your choice.

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Cut network planning time up to 25%

Save on costs by reducing the number of physical surveys and conducting digital 5G network simulations, powered by geodata sets with submeter accuracy.

Evaluate sites from your desk for field-like precision

Network Planners Assessing network strength

Market analysis

Assess for market investment

Select top areas for 5G network investment and compare competitive offerings, including the strongest signal and overall performance. Identify ideal deployment options with location intelligence and cellular network data.

Network planner identifing sites remotely

Site selection

Identify sites remotely

Pinpoint and assess suitable cell site candidate locations from the convenience and safety of your desk to reduce planning errors, time spent in field and deployment budget.

RF propagation & Line of sight modeling

Simulate 5G networks

Optimize coverage and performance with accurate line-of-sight and RF propagation analysis. Account for signal blockage and determine the best antenna placement when using HERE Geodata Models along with the network planning design software tools.

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Network optimization

Improve network performance

Monitor your mobile network to improve coverage and service quality. Enhance your data analytics with superior 2D and 3D location data.

Products that help optimize your network planning

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HERE Geodata Models

Accelerate your switch to 5G

Maximize the return on your investment with hyper-precise 3D geolocation data. Assess locations remotely to improve planning, prioritize deployment and reduce physical site surveys.

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HERE Cellular Signals

Visualize and compare cellular coverage

Prioritize network investment, understand your competitors and improve operations with multiple layers of rich data that shows how end-users experience their cellular connection.

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HERE Places Footprints

Exceed high delivery expectations

Plan for future capacity accurately by understanding customer movement in the physical space, such as building layouts, their addresses and the businesses and services each building contains.

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HERE Traffic

Outsmart congestion with location technology

Identify congestion areas with accurate real-time and historical traffic data for individual roads, and dimension your mobile network to support those high usage zones.

Digitize 5G network planning

See how our solution supports 5G network planning with the required submeter geometric and geospatial precision.

Unlock the full potential of 5G MEC with location intelligence

Learn how location plays a vital role in transforming network technology – from building out the infrastructure to enabling a new generation of use cases across industries.

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Learn more about how our services can help you:

  • Select top areas for 5G network investment and evaluate the competitive offerings
  • Pinpoint and assess suitable cell site candidate locations from the convenience and safety of your desk
  • Simulate 5G networks for accurate line-of-sight and optimal RF propagation modeling
  • Monitor your mobile network to improve coverage and service quality

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