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Our webinar examines how location technology providers comply with data privacy laws.

Fleet Management

Reduce costs, save time and improve sustainability by digitizing your fleet. Benefit from our highly accurate location data and advanced algorithms.

Control your fleet

Plan complex routes, adapt to changing conditions in real time and use analytics to further optimize your fleet.

Managing fleet operations is incredibly complicated. It involves calculating the most accurate route for both individual drivers and entire fleets while considering road conditions, updates, safety compliance, efficiency, cost and other restrictions.

Our suite of fleet management services does all that for you, helping you assess, plan, coordinate and streamline your fleet operation. Optimize your fleet management, plan difficult routes and analyze truck and driver behavior of any fleet size. Solve complex problems using our global products and services. Transform dense information into easy-to-follow, turn-by-turn instructions including reliable and real-time data, such as lane closures, low bridges and other restrictions.

Automatically analyze hundreds of road attributes to calculate which route is best suited to your vehicles. Improve driver retention by using routes that are designed to save time and reduce stress by ensuring your drivers are safe and compliant with industry regulations. Calculate optimum routes by assigning the right jobs to the right drivers using HERE Tour Planning API.


Decrease the cost of running your fleet by 20%

Review, analyze and understand fleet performance for real-time decision-making and forecasting.


Reduce re-routing time by up to 90%

Track your commercial vehicles in real-time to handle possible delays. Communicate ETAs to operators and customers.


Increase driver productivity by up to 20%

Generate routes based on truck size, cargo and driver experience for greater safety and compliance.

View of HERE Last Mile dashboard that shows last mile solutions, last mile deliver and delivery operations.

HERE Last Mile

Plan and execute your delivery shifts in one place with our end-to-end product. Sync jobs across your driver app and web dashboard for dispatchers. 

Manage your fleet with our products and services

Dynamic route optimization

Satisfy your customers by providing accurate ETAs. Generate optimal multi-stop routes for your entire fleet, incorporating truck attributes and live traffic data. React to last-minute changes by adapting routes already underway. Create tailored journeys for special handling and time-sensitive goods.

Driver and job analysis

Understand route performance by comparing planned to actual routes and applying location data to gain real-world context. Improve driver safety by identifying unsafe patterns of behavior, such as aggressive braking at stop signs, to provide training feedback.

A person using a fleet management app on their phone to view fleet operations, fleet dispatch and driver dispatch.
Key products

Driver-facing solutions

Build a mobile-first app designed for two-way information flow between drivers and dispatchers, tackling last-minute job scheduling and route changes. Reduce driver stress with voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation based on real-time road conditions and regulatory restrictions.

Commercial vehicle visibility

Track your trucks accurately by locating and monitoring your vehicles in real-time. Predict ETAs with a more precise overview of vehicles relative to their depots, warehouses and final destinations.

Customer stories

How HERE helps Lytx understand driver performance

Using HERE's precise location data, Lytx was able to build accurate machine-vision models and AI, designed to help the company understand driver behaviors.

The reality is: Without rich location information, nothing works.

Michael Phillippi, Vice President of Technology, Lytx

How Eleos uses HERE to improve apps for drivers and fleets

Driver turnover rate is extraordinarily high in the trucking industry. Using HERE SDKs and APIs, Eleos created a mobile app, designed to give drivers more timely, relevant and accurate information, improving their safety and reducing their wasted time.

HERE is uniquely equipped to serve Eleos: They bring together very powerful capabilities around mapping, routing, geocoding and navigation.

Kevin Survance, CEO and Co-Founder of Eleos

More accurate ETAs for on-demand delivery

See how fleet applications for dispatchers and drivers can help fleets exceed customer expectations in the competitive on-demand space.

pdf thumbnail ABI Research Report

Fleet Management resources

Discover our powerful platform tools

See how our platform tools can help you manage your fleets.

HERE Studio

Create maps for your unique transportation management needs and edit them in real-time. No coding is required.

HERE Workspace

Enrich data from your fleet operations and create powerful new services for your customers.

HERE Marketplace

License, exchange or monetize your data assets on a secure global platform and unlock new revenue streams.

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