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Over-The-Air Software Management

Highly secure over-the-air updates for the automotive industry

Enabling the evolution of the connect car

The power of OTA technology 

OTA technology is critical in leveraging the full potential of connected and autonomous vehicles. We develop open source and open standards-based OTA technology that allows automakers and the broader industry to deliver data, software and firmware to vehicles in a secure, cost-effective and scalable manner.

The OTA solution from HERE is aligned with Uptane, the OTA security framework initiated and funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Uptane is the most comprehensive security framework available to defend attacks on updates for connected cars. 

HERE is also a member of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), and a key contributor to the development of OTA inside GENIVI and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

Key differentiators

A secure, open and scalable solution

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OTA security frontrunner

Uptane, a state-of-the-art security framework, fortifies all HERE over-the-air update solutions. It is funded and designed in consultation with government regulators, OEMs and suppliers.

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Driven by open-source technology

The core of our technology is open source and we’re a key contributor to the development of OTA inside industry alliances, such as GENIVI and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

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Scalable OTA offerings

We deliver flexible enterprise and software-as-a-service OTA solutions for the automotive industry that are scalable, built with a modular microservice architecture. 

ABI Research

Discover how HERE is taking OTA software management to the next level.

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Success stories

Enabling a new level of secure over-the-air software updates for cars

HERE launches OTA Connect, a highly secure over-the-air software solution to protect updates to connected and automated vehicles.

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HERE OTA Connect

Enabling a new level of secure over-the-air software technology

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HERE Product Suite


Building tomorrow's road network

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