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HERE Tracking

Global tracking of devices and assets

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Global and power-efficient tracking

To operate efficiently, your business needs greater visibility and traceability of its devices and assets.

HERE Tracking offers precise, end-to-end tracking along with real-time and historic locations for all your devices and assets. Gain global visibility of these elements while maximizing battery life and reducing operating costs.

tracking of devices, people and things

Watch how you can track your devices and assets

Enhancing business operations

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End-to-end insights

Set geofences and track devices and assets as they move. Use current and historical map data to chart progress and enable ETA notifications when devices are in range.

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Power efficient

Use smaller and low-cost devices and benefit from HERE Tracking's battery-saving optimization.

User and device management

Define roles for your users and groups by assigning owner, supervisor and observer rights. Add IoT devices to your network and easily customize them.

Critical notifications

Create and manage alerts for when a device crosses a geofence, runs out of battery or when someone is added to a workspace.

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Developer benefits


Fully featured

An end-to-end IoT solution with device management and monitoring that works out of the box.


Global coverage

Satellite and network positioning delivers end-to-end visibility, indoors and outdoors, anywhere in the world.


Easy integration

Integrate HERE Tracking with your existing ERP system for improved supply chain visibility with minimal disruption.


Tech documentation

Create IoT products using our API references and guides.

Reference hardware

Order devices that have HERE Tracking preinstalled.


View our code examples and create your own applications.

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The features and benefits of HERE Tracking.

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Gain visibility of your devices and assets as they move.

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