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HERE Studio

Create custom maps fast – no coding required


Mapmaking, simplified

Maps can turn your data into powerful stories that help you see patterns and extract insights. But mapmaking hasn’t always been easy.

Until now, it’s been limited to those with expertise and access to complex tools.

HERE Studio makes it simple for every skill level to create maps. Understand location data better and extract valuable insights without the need for coding, set-up or a back-end infrastructure.

HERE Studio is powered by the HERE Data Hub, a real-time geospatial database in the cloud. Create advanced maps and manage location data with the Data Hub Command Line Interface (CLI) and RESTful API.

Tell your data story with confidence, easily share it with others and work in real-time with our flexible web app.

Map visualization from above

Watch how HERE Studio helps create interactive web maps

Key differentiators

Empowering everyone to build interactive maps

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HERE Studio

Make maps without coding

Create interactive maps and visualize geospatial data without the need for coding. Upload large datasets to the cloud that can be viewed instantly and edit the data in real-time to create maps faster.


HERE Data Hub API and CLI

Do more with HERE Data Hub

Create, manage and publish data. Get even more design capabilities with the Data Hub CLI for easy location data management or benefit from the powerful Data Hub API for greater control.

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Access intuitive tools for mapmaking through HERE Studio.

Ready to create?

Build interactive maps and visualize geospatial data.

Take control

Develop custom features and manage location data through the HERE Data Hub.

Map gallery

collage of 4 maps

Visualize seismic activity worldwide, migration patterns or the impact of global warming on our planet. Explore maps built with HERE Studio and Datahub.

Developer benefits

map enrichment

Fast mapmaking

Powered by a real-time service, you can instantly visualize and edit data on a map. No set-up needed.

map iconography

Highly accurate

Build digital map layers on top of industry-leading maps by HERE. Bring accuracy, freshness and global coverage to your work.

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Built on openness

Made using open standards and open-source projects. This drives code transparency and constant improvement.


Dig deeper


Guide on how to use the Data Hub CLI and Data Hub API.


Explore the documentation for HERE Studio.

Release notes

See what’s new with HERE Studio.

HERE Studio one-pager

A brief overview of HERE Studio and how it can simplify your map making.

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Ready to get started?

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Access intuitive tools for mapmaking through HERE Studio.

Ready to create?

Create interactive maps and visualize geospatial data.

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Gain control and manage location data through the HERE Data Hub.