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HERE Studio

A cloud-based, real-time location data management service to create web maps and efficiently manage location data


Map making, simplified

In today's connected and fast-paced world, location data is king. But until now, it has been complex to manage and visualize it on a map.

HERE Studio makes it simple. Comprised of three intuitive tools for every skill level, HERE Studio enables anyone to accelerate map making, better understand location data and extract valuable insights – without the need for coding, set-up or infrastructure.

Novices can start building web maps with HERE Studio, while advanced users can use the HERE Command Line Interface (CLI) or powerful Studio Hub API for greater control.

Tell your data story with confidence, easily share it with others and work in real-time with our flexible cloud service for location data management.

Map visualization from above

Watch how HERE Studio helps create interactive web maps

Key differentiators

Empowering anyone to build interactive maps

Screenshot of XYZ studio

HERE Studio

Make maps without coding

A web app that allows anyone to interact with location data and build maps, without needing to code. Upload private or open data in standard formats and customize the map style to tell a compelling story.



Greater control over maps

A powerful command line tool that gives savvy users, developers and cartographers greater control. Manage data, create geospatial repositories and transform datasets.


Studio Hub API

Build advanced maps

A RESTful API that allows developers to create sophisticated maps. Upload, edit and publish location data directly from your app, and combine HERE Studio capabilities with other HERE Location Services.

Ready to build?

Get access to documentation, tutorials and code examples.

Map Gallery

Explore maps built with HERE Studio

A world of location data

map of pedestrian casualties in Florida

Pedestrian casualties

Day versus night locations of non-motorist roadway casualties.

map of solar installations and trees in Amsterdam

Green Amsterdam

Mapping solar installations and trees by neighborhood.

map of smart street lights in San Diego

Street lights in San Diego

A map of smart street lights that process other data such as parking spots.

Developer benefits

map enrichment

Create maps faster

Powered by a real-time service, you can instantly visualize and edit data on a map. No set-up needed.


Highly accurate

Build web maps on top of industry-leading HERE Maps. Bring accuracy, freshness and global coverage to your work.


Built on openness

HERE Studio is made using open standards and open-source projects. This drives code transparency and constant improvement.


Dig deeper


Guides on how to use the HERE CLI and Studio Hub API.


Explore the open documentation for HERE Studio.

Stack Overflow

Get answers to your technical questions on Stack Overflow.


View our code examples and start building your own creations.

Release notes

See what’s new with HERE Studio.

HERE Studio one-pager

A brief overview of HERE Studio and how it can simplify your map making.

Get started with HERE Studio

Create web maps with HERE Studio, HERE CLI or Studio Hub API.

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