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HERE Positioning

Precisely locate devices and assets through global satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi signals both outdoors and indoors

An urban canyon on a sunny day showing how a Wi-Fi positioning system and positioning data works in heavy car traffic

Position accurately in different environments

Pinpointing devices and assets or geotagging data with precision can present challenges in diverse settings such as urban canyons, outdoors and indoors.

Provide high accuracy positioning with HERE Positioning — our complete suite of services that uses HD GNSS Positioning (satellite), Networking Positioning (cellular, Wi-Fi, sensors, hybrid) and A GNSS Positioning (satellite). They work together or independently to provide a comprehensive solution for your positioning needs.

HERE Positioning HD GNSS Satellite

HD GNSS Positioning

Boost satellite positioning by three to four times and provide sub-meter accuracy down to 0.2 meters for GNSS receiver-equipped devices.

HERE Positioning Network Wifi

Network Positioning

Locate devices and assets when GPS is weak or unavailable, via an extensive and updated cell ID and Wi-Fi database.

HERE Positioning A GNSS Observation sensor

A GNSS Positioning

Reduce time-to-first-fix for GNSS receivers to seconds, with faster offline positioning and orbit predictions.

Precise positioning for a better customer experience

A self-driving SUV in a snowstorm using positioning data and GNSS to indicate lane width and enhance driver safety


Enhance driver safety

Provide extra safety with a high level of redundancy in positioning self-driving cars, in case of sensor issues or bad weather. Help drivers find the correct lane on highways and avoid obstacles on the road.

A fleet truck that’s equipped with GNSS and positioning data is informed there’s a tunnel ahead via a live notification

Fleet Management

Improve fleet navigation

Help fleet drivers navigate multi-lane highways to avoid getting lost. Reduce the jamming and spoofing of GPS signals and position trucks accurately despite interference from buildings, trees, tunnels and bridges.

A person in front of a bike share docking station with bikes equipped for urban mobility and found via asset tracking

Urban Mobility

Find people and assets easily

Accurately locate e-scooters and bikes, even in urban canyons with weak GPS signal. Precisely determine ride-share passenger locations, as well as pick-up and drop-off points inside large venues for better ETAs.

A person in a response center providing information to emergency teams with precise location using indoor positioning

Public Sector

Respond to situations swiftly

Route calls to the appropriate response centers based on the caller's location. Provide x-, y- and z-level information in multi-story buildings to send emergency teams to the precise location and have the option to deploy on-premise for enhanced security.

A person exercising with a smart watch showing a fitness tracker with improved performance via data and GNSS positioning

Device OEMs and Chipset Manufacturers

Improve device performance

Enhance location experiences on everyday devices such as fitness trackers, AR/VR games, wearables and smart devices. Get better device performance and enable creation of new location services.

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HERE Positioning HD GNSS Satellite

HD GNSS Positioning

Deliver hyper-precise positioning to automotive-grade and mass market devices.

HERE Positioning Network Wifi

Network Positioning

Improve location experiences for devices worldwide with seamless outdoor to indoor transitions.

HERE Positioning A GNSS Observation sensor

A GNSS Positioning

Connect devices within seconds with instant positioning at high performance in offline mode.

HERE Positioning

Watch HERE HD GNSS Positioning in action

See a demo of HERE HD GNSS Positioning being used on the streets of San Jose, CA to determine the accuracy of GPS to sub-meter level.

HERE and Sony Semiconductor Solutions bring precise positioning to devices

We’ve partnered with Sony Semiconductor Solutions to integrate HERE HD GNSS Positioning into their dual-band LSI chipsets. Providing sub-meter level precision while maintaining low power consumption, HERE HD Positioning improves accuracy 3-4 times over regular GNSS, and is available globally for mass-market devices.

Hyper-precise positioning solving critical market demands case study cover


Tech documentation

Study our code and visual examples to understand what is possible with HERE Positioning.


Learn how you can accurately pinpoint your devices and assets both outdoors and indoors with HERE Positioning.

5G white paper

Explore the vital role of location for transforming network technology.

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Improve location experiences for devices worldwide with seamless outdoor to indoor transitions.

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Deliver precise positioning to devices, even when satellite signal is compromised.

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