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HERE HD GNSS Positioning

A cloud-based, real-time positioning service that provides users with pinpoint precision

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Take positioning to the next level

Ground-level accuracy is critical for the next wave of mobile services. But gaining sub-meter precision has been difficult until now.

GPS has been around since the 1970s and it’s made an incredible impact on people’s lives. But with new applications requiring more exact location data to work effectively, the time has come to boost the performance of GPS.

HERE HD GNSS Positioning will redefine how we move in the future by improving the positioning performance of mobile devices without the need for additional hardware.

This means more accuracy in lane navigation for drivers, greater location precision for mobility apps and better tracking for sports and mobile games.

Sub-meter positioning anywhere in the world

Lane level guidance in snowy roads

Powerfully precise

Help drivers and autonomous cars make smarter decisions with exact lane-level guidance. HERE HD GNSS Positioning works with HERE HD Live Maps to give global positioning accuracy of less than one meter.

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Consistently fast

Lower the latency and improve the quality of mobile apps. HERE HD GNSS Positioning reduces the time it takes devices to make complex location calculations.

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Truly global

Pioneer the future of global positioning with a service that’s available everywhere, from Anchorage to Zhangzhou. All your customers need is a GNSS signal and an internet connection.

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Work hand in hand with our team to integrate HERE HD GNSS Positioning into your system.

Developer benefits

Better functionality

Better functionality

Improve the performance of apps like virtual reality games and sports trackers with more precise positioning.

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Low investment

Reduce costs by using existing hardware and a mobile phone’s built-in GNSS antenna.

Integrate easily

Easy integration

HERE HD GNSS Positioning reduces the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and is compatible with existing devices.



Learn more about the features and capabilities of HERE HD GNSS Positioning.

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Let's talk

Work hand in hand with our team to integrate HERE HD GNSS Positioning into your system.