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HERE Network Positioning

Smart Positioning for mobile devices, IoT and applications

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Accurate positioning, online and offline

GPS is often taken for granted. But how do you find out where you are, or the location of a connected device, when a GPS signal is weak or non-existent?

At the very least this can be frustrating. At worst, it can mean lost time and lost business.

HERE Network Positioning solves this problem with a dynamic, global positioning solution that combines and synthesizes data from Wi-Fi and cell IDs.

HERE Positioning
HERE Network Positioning

Discover HERE Positioning

Smarter location awareness for devices and apps

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Online and offline modes

Enable continuous low-power location awareness for mobile devices, tracking, AdTech and analytics with on-device positioning libraries that support both on- and offline modes.

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Truly global coverage

HERE Network Positioning uses GSM, WCDMA, LTE, CDMA and TD-SCDMA cellular networks, as well as Wi-Fi hotspots and neighbor cell-based positioning. The result is accurate location services anywhere, including China.

Always-on positioning

HERE Network Positioning only requires a low level of power to operate effectively, meaning the service can remain on at all times. This enables quick and easy positioning, anytime and anywhere.

Enhanced accuracy in challenging environments

HERE Network Positioning serves as a GPS rescue in difficult urban environments, typically when GPS is not performing well due to multipaths.

Get started with HERE Network Positioning

With online and offline positioning, accurate global coverage, plus effective positioning under low levels of power, weak GPS signal is never a barrier for customers.

Technical information

Under the hood

Truly global and always up to date.

By leveraging a global database of cell IDs and Wi-Fi access points that mobile devices can detect, HERE Network Positioning obtains a geographic position within a specific confidence radius.

The database includes millions of cell IDs and billions Wi-Fi access point locations, all dynamically updated and populated by millions of devices around the world.


Omdia Location Platform Index 2020

Omdia's (formerly Ovum) Location Platform Index is an ongoing evaluation of what leading location platforms can do to improve your business, community and the world around you. 

Tech documentation

Explore the possibilities with the HERE Positioning API.


Download the HERE Network Positioning via Positioning API one-pager for an overview of the features and benefits.


Discover greater details on how HERE Network Positioning via Mobile SDK leverages a global database of Cell IDs and Wi-Fi Access Points.

HERE Network Positioning FAQ

Any unanswered questions? Download our HERE Network Positioning FAQ for the most common answers.

5G White paper

Explore the vital role of location for transforming network technology

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Developer tools

Build applications requiring location estimates based on radio network measurement data.