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Location services independent of data connection

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Operate around the clock

By providing offline services, you can meet the needs of your customers at all times – even through unexpected service disruptions.

HERE provides access to offline capabilities that allow users to browse maps, look for places, and navigate to locations without a data connection.

This ability supports critical field business operations when traveling to unfamiliar sites through the use of mapping, geocoding, search, routing and navigation. Above all, it enables users to comfortably explore areas without worrying if they will end up lost.

Stay on top of your location

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Preload of map data packages

HERE SDK allows you to upload map data for countries, regions and cities in advance, helping minimize data traffic and allowing offline operation through a proprietary, highly compressed vector data format.

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A sophisticated hybrid engine

The HERE SDK allows maps to be downloaded to a phone, offering ultra-fast loading times and no lag. This ensures drivers always take the correct, most efficient routes – even if a deviation occurs along the way.

Offline access to a comprehensive location suite

We also provide access to a comprehensive suite of location functionalities that are usually only available to users when online, such as route calculation (for car, pedestrian or truck), search for places, geocoding and reverse geocoding.

Get started with HERE SDK

With advance map uploading, plus offline access to a suite of location functionalities, unexpected service disruptions will no longer be an interference.

Technical information

Under the hood

HERE provides access to a set of location services that can be used in offline or hybrid mode.

It’s made possible through our sophisticated hybrid engine, which renders vector map data right on the device for a seamless user experience. The result is mapping and navigation that is fast, interactive and reliable at all times.

For those who often work in offline conditions, having projects accessible via smartphones and tablets in all conditions is a necessity. HERE ensures mobile workforces stay productive in the field with or without data connection. This also benefits businesses looking to curb data consumption.

How Offline works

Mobile SDK - offline - decide the area

Decide the area

HERE provides maps that are rich in location data, and can be easily displayed and leveraged by HERE Location Services – even in offline mode.

Mobile SDK - offline - download maps

Download maps

Once an area has been decided, maps can be downloaded right onto a device and used the same way as in online mode.

Mobile SDK - offline - Interact with maps

Interact with maps

Our offline solution provides access to features related to navigation, geocoding, routing, search and places. This enables a smooth user experience.


Tech documentation

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