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8th August, 2020

Counterpoint report ranks HERE number one for third time in a row

Businesses today rely on location intelligence and tools to analyze, visualize and derive actionable insights.

The 2020 Counterpoint Location Platform Evaluation & Analysis report compares the top 25 location-centric companies to help give an overall understanding of these key players’ offerings, capabilities and growth areas.

HERE Technologies was named top location and mapping platform, ahead of Google and TomTom. We ranked as the leading provider and market leader globally in location platforms, maps, navigation, data, location intelligence, location services and developer ecosystem.

We continue to pioneer the location platform play, expanding across customers, partners, verticals, workspaces and marketplaces.

HERE True vehicle in Chicago

Transformative progress

"HERE has thus transformed its traditional mapping business into an industry-first, innovative open location platform married with a unique business model."

– Counterpoint Location Platform Evaluation & Analysis