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Monetize assets

Drive continuous new revenue. Exchange or sell your location-centric data, applications and services to customers around the world.

Expand the reach of your location-centric data and assets to customers from across industries

Share and monetize your location-related map dataset, API, SDK, service or application – easily and securely on HERE Marketplace.

Drive new value from your location assets with HERE

Key products

Create new revenue streams for your location-centric assets

Gain additional commercial benefit from your existing geolocation and map-related databases and apps. Publish your assets as listings on HERE Marketplace, making them available for licensing by customers from diverse industries around the world.

Key products

Benefit from our ecosystem of customers, partners and developers

Maximize the value of your location-related asset by offering it as a listing on HERE Marketplace. Gain access to our ecosystem of partners, customers and developers who are actively seeking location-centric data, apps and services.

Key products

Simplify the monetization process with a one-stop-shop

Create your location-related listing, set prices, offer trial evaluations, define the subscription logic and provide secure access to assets.

Key products

Choose who views your asset listing

Decide whether your listing should be publicly accessible to all the users of HERE Marketplace – or limited to specific customers, with you choosing who can access the listing by invitation.

Products and tools to monetize assets

Two people working at a computer showing data marketplace, location data, data monetization and location services.

HERE Marketplace

Benefit from a secure and neutral platform. Source, exchange and monetize location data, services and applications – all in one place.

HERE Workspace

Access a cloud-based environment to create, deploy and scale location-centric data products, services and applications securely.

HERE Anonymizer

Systematically anonymize and modify real-time location datasets for a specific use case. Enable sharing and monetization while complying with privacy regulations.

Neutral Server

Enable the exchange of personally identifiable information (PII) data while meeting the regulatory, political, safety, security and privacy concerns of governments, industry bodies and individual OEMs.

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