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Oct 20, 2021

HERE launches Intelligence Speed Assistance map

ISA map will help drivers stick to the speed limit – on any road

Enhanced road safety

HERE has launched a map that will deliver fresh and accurate speed limit information for drivers and vehicles on any road.

The HERE ISA Map was designed for automakers to comply with requirements under the European Union's (EU) new Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) regulation. The ISA regulation is aimed at road safety and reducing CO2 emissions.

ISA is an in-vehicle feature helping drivers to acknowledge and comply with legal speed limits on any given road. It provides speed limit information at any time, regardless of the environmental conditions. This is particularly important in situations that are challenging intelligent speed assistance tools that use cameras. These include:

  • Speed limits that are not sign-posted, including default country-level speed limits for motorways, urban roads and metropolitan areas, as well as border speed limit rule changes based on country level requirements
  • Speed limits that change according to weather conditions or time of day
  • Roads where the speed limit is unclear because of foliage growth, lack of maintenance, or any other reason
  • Speed limits based on default rules, such as a change in speed when entering a built-up area in some territories

The HERE ISA Map contains:

  • Explicit speed limits that are shown on road signs and implicit speed limits derived from road signs without a number on them
  • Speed limits defined by road rules and regulations, including national and regional limits and conditional rules. These are typically not sign-posted and so not picked up by cameras.

Various car manufacturers have already selected the HERE ISA Map with their eyes on the 2022 and 2024 timelines.

HERE is proud to deliver the automotive industry with the advanced location data and services it needs to enhance road safety for all road users. The HERE ISA Map focuses on supporting driver safety by ensuring they always have accurate speed limit information, including conditional limits and non-posted signs. The HERE ISA Map can be easily integrated into any ISA solution and help automakers comply with the new mandatory ISA regulation of the European Union.

Philip Hubertus, Senior Manager, Automotive Product Management at HERE Technologies.
The ISA regulation is part of the EU's new General Safety Regulation for motor vehicles, planned to become mandatory for all new new-model cars, vans, trucks, and buses in July 2022 and for all new vehicles sold in the EU in 2024. It is expected that ISA can help to reduce both accidents and traffic fatalities, as well CO2 emissions.
Speed limit covered in snow

HERE is proud to deliver the automotive industry with the advanced location data and services it needs to enhance road safety for all road users.

Philip Hubertus, Senior Manager, Automotive Product Management, HERE Technologies